Swimming-Pool Hanging Between High-Rise Buildings

For swimmers with fear of heights, the sky pool is no pleasure: About 35 m up with transparent walls swimming pool is to combine two high-rise buildings of London luxury residential of Embassy Gardens.

Swimming-Pool Hanging Between High-Rise Buildings

Between them to the abyss, brave swimmers have only 20 cm thick acrylic glass.

The company Ballymore is currently planning the sky pool as part of the Embassy Gardens. Residential complex with numerous luxury apartments in South West of London near the Thames. The swimming pool at 35 m height would combine two storey houses.

The pool length should be 25 m, 14 m free and float without frame between the houses. The walls of the basin 3 m high are, the water depth 1.20 m. A huge aquarium so, in which swimmers can take their cars and this down will have a view, which is probably unique. Whether they can enjoy it, is probably a matter of personal freedom.

Acrylic should be 20 cm thick for this Swimming-Pool Hanging Between High-Rise Buildings

Sky-Pool team from Arup Architects are planning the new residential complex. Architects and designers, has brought support specialist for aquarium construction: Reynolds Structural Engineers. The acrylic of the pool will be 20 cm thick to ensure the necessary stability. “As architects, we want to set new standards and challenge existing conventions”, says Jo Wright of the Arup architect team. “We can push the boundaries of architecture, offer something extraordinary the future inhabitants and delight the population with this design that seems to pick up the gravity.”

Swimming-Pool Hanging Between High-Rise Buildings_
The Sky-Pool combine two London high-rise buildings at a height of 35 m.

On 15 hectares, is a completely new district emerge with the Embassy Gardens that the “London can be proud” writes the Ballymore Group. These include 2000 apartments, office buildings, leisure facilities, shops and a hotel with 100 beds. For a luxury apartment, the future residents from will have to put 800,000 euros on the table to get a smallest flat there. There’s also a Spacious Roof Terrace with Bar, Spa and Orangery plus an indoor pool for those to whom the sky pool is bit too stunning.

Spectacular swimming pools as draught horses for the sale of luxury real estate

Extraordinary swimming pools would be built more frequently in order to increase sales of luxury apartments. “The Guardian” criticized the sky pool in a post. The verge writes that he was indeed architecturally outstanding, but also a symbol of London’s housing problems. “The city developers often promise that they want to create affordable housing in the Centre of the city. Instead, emerge. luxury apartments”