Swedish Scholars need 5 years to decipher Cat-Talk

Researchers at Sweden’s Lund University launched a five-year project, which aims at deciphering the language of cats. Experts from Phonetics promise that until the year 2021 will have full explanation how to understand meowing and purring cat.

Wild cats usually cease to “meow” when they reach adulthood. Then the masters is not them no longer needed to attract attention to their mothers with an affection and milk. However, after the domestication of cats learned to communicate with humans by emitting different sounds.

In order to determine the exact meaning of the individual signals, linguists from Sweden register sounds from over 50 cats that live in different places. Scientists are trying to understand what the mood there are animals and what affects the issue that are not sounds.

Tested kindness, joy, fun, hunger, irritation and anger. Preliminary results indicate that cats can consciously change the intonation and “miaus” melody, so as to contribute to the belief that this indicates the urgent message expressing their emotional state.

Specialists from Lund are hoping not only to translate the feline language on the human, but also help the owners in better communicating with animals.

Finally, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Linköping, linguists want to check on the example of two cities from Sweden whether the cat in question is different from each other. The study assumes an analysis of possible local accent or dialect.

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