Suzuki Baleno Smart Hybrid with 925 km range

The Japanese presented his new idea for a compact family car affordable. Low price does not, however, exclude or a large amount of space inside, good equipment, or even use a hybrid unit.

SHVS technology (Smart Hybrid Vehicle to Suzuki) uses the original solution. Namely, the Japanese in the 1.2-liter benzine DualJjet have applied integrated alternator and starter motor. Then made the resulting module called ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) took also function of the electric motor.

What are the tasks of the ISG? Well, during deceleration takes care of the conversion of the kinetic energy in the electricity and the transmission of its extra lithium-ion battery. In turn, during acceleration ISG drives the engine crankshaft in the alternative, in order to save energy engine and reduce fuel consumption.

ISG is connected with the crankshaft using the special drive belt.

Stored in the battery current Li-Ion as a result of loading by the ISG is primarily used for two purposes. First, it draws power from the ISG in the acceleration. Secondly by a much longer period of time may drive the devices fitted on board the Baleno SHVS when you stop the engine when stationary.

The advantage of Smart Hybrid Vehicle that Suzuki is the simplicity of the solution. There are missing network complex solutions, extensive control electronics or small and susceptible to damage items. At the same time, technology brings the intended benefits-that is, reduces demand for fuel. SHVS system reduces the load on the engine especially when accelerating and thus reduces fuel consumption. Is the secondary drive and acts as assistance on the crankshaft. Therefore, it is much simpler and cheaper than the typical hybrid.

Suzuki Baleno SHVS reaches the first hundred in 12.3 seconds. At the same time the average burning persists at the level of 4 liters of petrol and allows you to beat on a single tank even 925 kilometers.

Esteem gives the impression the car segment (C) trapped in the body of the model B +. It takes on board the four adults, each of which receives a sufficient amount of leg room. This provides the carrier with a capacity of up to 355 gallons.

In the sale of only one version of the Esteem Smart Hybrid. Talking about the top variety of Elegance as measured on 65 900 gold. The sum of the driver is equipped with 6 airbags, full electric Pack, automatic air conditioning bi-xenon HID, an interactive multimedia system with hands-free, backup camera and navigation system, 16-inch alloy wheels, a system of emergency braking before an obstacle and adaptive cruise control.