Sustainable Tile Made with Fibers of the Amazon

Researchers at the Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam) are developing a “sustainable tile”-also in the environmental sense. She is mainly made with natural fibers of the Amazon like mauve and jute, and with a mortar that includes sand, Ceramic waste and little cement.This, according to researcher João de Almeida Melo Son, gives more resistance to the material and can improve the thermal sensation in residences located in the hottest regions of the country.

“In addition to having less cement in its Constitution she also has sand, which becomes a cheaper material, in addition to natural fibers. The array uses the cement is very fragile and natural fibers is that they will give the real resistance to this material” he said.

This makes the layer of natural fibers superior to traditional fiber cement tiles. “The set that we call ‘ composite material ‘, will produce a material with greater mechanical strength. And we found that higher thermal performance due to the use of ceramic wastes “, João de Almeida.

Income for communities

For the researcher,  should have good acceptance by consumers because, besides being cheaper, will look like the available on the market, facilitating the installation and replacement work on reforms.

In addition, the use of natural fibers for the production of layers will stimulate the work of coastal producers, adding income to families and communities.

“We believe that because of the cultivation of these fibers be done primarily by coastal communities, the use of these fibers in the development of a construction material and the possibility of it being used on a large scale will encourage these communities to produce and increase their income,” said the researcher.

The first prototypes of the layers should be ready this year. After this initial stage, it will be necessary to obtain financing to purchase machinery for the production on a large scale.