Superman Crystals Glass Storage Data for eternity

Researchers of the University of Southampton have developed a memory chip that can in principle last forever and thereby save incredible amounts of data. And with the size of a two euro coin.

Simply shoot glass chip into space

“It’s exciting that we have developed the technology with which we can store documents and information for future generations in space. Nothing we’ve ever learned, will be forgotten”,said Kazansky. If his forecast is correct, the chip will survive in fact loose humanity: in principle, he could stand eternally at room temperature. The lifetime of just under 14 billion should be 190 ° C. So you could shoot easily him in an orbit in space, before the human kind will come.
Disk space is enough. The capacity of the chips is 136 terabytes. That one would be for example about 22 million pop songs in MP3 quality.

Ultrafast lasers nano-technology

This enormous amount of thanks to nanotechnology and an ultra-fast laser is possible. This laser has written using extremely short and intense pulses of light test documents on the memory. The glass in turn has structures at the nanoscale, which allow to have three layers of points to create that only five micro meters away from each other. This corresponds to the millionth of a meter. The Superfine structures are changing the path of light through the glass, and this data can in turn using an optical microscope and a polarizer will read.
Extreme density is achieved by the developers take advantage of five dimensions: in addition to the familiar three is the information about the size and alignment of the dots encode.
Kazansky called examples of documents that would have to be on the chip: the Universal Declaration of human rights and the Bible. As I said, in the sale, he’s good. The research group wants to now looking for partners in the industry to develop a commercial application for your invention.