Superfast Internet on Silver Globe

Super fast Internet on Silver Globe

After the election of Donald Trump for President of the United States, NASA return to the Moon people’s vision appeared, the construction there and the exploration of its resources. Although such plans are only in their infancy, it is on the surface of the Silver Globe several years available is Superfast access to the Internet!

No, this is not some weak link and a stable connection that you would like to have in your home. The Internet space is the work of engineers from MIT scientists and NASA. They have used four telescopes located in New Mexico and one of the satellites in Earth’s orbit.

The signal is transmitted in the form of laser-encoded infrared pulses. The four telescopes send signal with a total power of 40 watts. In this way, the researchers have created on the surface of the Moon access point for the download of 19.44 Mbps and upload 622 Mbps.

Superfast Internet on Silver GlobeWhile on the Moon Network again is not recommend the astronauts, it’s probably access to valuable knowledge about humanity’s desire to Moon aliens, of course, if you’ve managed to figure out the password.

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