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Sunglasses from Stuttgart protect eyes from monitor beams

Gauss Eyewear

Stuttgart opticians have developed Gauss Eyewear, a sunglass for the digital age.

It protects not only against UV radiation, but also against allegedly harmful blue monitor light. On kickstarter the idea is a huge success.

Jay Uhdinger has not much left for blue light, which fires monitors every day for hours on the eyes of the people.

“The blue light from monitors and other artificial light sources can promote age induced macular degeneration,” said the co-founder of the Stuttgart start-up Gauss With mirror online.

And macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in adults.

In addition, “some studies have found that too much blue light – such as LED lighting in monitors – can affect the sleep cycle.”

Sunglasses Gauss Eyewear reflects blue monitor light

Together with his partner Peter Marx, Uhdinger has developed the sunglasses Gauss Eyewear: Her heartpiece is a coating called Blueguard that reflects blue monitor light.

“The best thing is that the coating hardly affects normal color vision,” the developers write on their website.

This means that blue is still perceived as blue, but the eyes are protected. “Blueguard simultaneously increases the contrast and reduces glare, so that hours of monitor work is less stressful.

Eyeglasses automatically change their tint in the open

The spectacle protects the sun at the same time from sunlight and behaves like a chameleon: Within 60 s the glasses adjust their tint automatically to the light conditions.

The brighter it is, the darker the glasses, the better the eyes are protected against the entire spectrum of UVA and UVB radiation in the wavelength range from 290 to 400 nm.

An additional UV blocker provides protection in the wavelength range of 420 nm.

Kickstarter campaign is huge success

On the crowdfunding platform kickstarter, the multitalent under the sunglasses is a huge success: the original financing goal of the inventors was 20,000 €, in order to go with the Gauss Eyewear in serial production.

Six days before the end of the campaign, the counter was shot at € 228,000.

119 € have to throw supporters in the pot to secure a copy.

A bargain, the developers are convinced. Glasses with similar characteristics would cost the optician as a custom built approximately 270 €.

“We can offer the glasses so cheaply because we do not work with intermediaries,” explain Marx and Uhdinger. “We only sell online and never as a dealer, so we can pass on the savings to our customers.”

Expert in ophthalmology considers blue monitor light to be harmless

However, there is someone who makes the foundation of the business idea appear in a different light: Horst Helbig, Director of the Clinic for Ophthalmology of the University Hospital of Regensburg.

In conversation with Spiegel Online the expert doubts that blue monitor light is harmful. “The blue light of a computer screen is nothing but blue light in daylight.

The eyes are for seeing, and seeing does not harm the eye. “It is true that blue light leads to a retinal degeneration in rats in a short time. “This is in no way transferable to man.

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