It was Sun Storms to give life on our planet

The latest test results show that without intense solar storm life would never have existed on Earth. 

Astronomers have long been know that the light intensity of stars such as the sun rises, along with their age. When on the ground appear life-some 3.5 billion years ago, our star light with a brightness equal to 75% of the current brightness. On the surface of the Sun all the time there were powerful eruption that threw out into space a huge amount of matter and radiation. It is thanks to him, a young Earth warm up.

Scientists have long been face with the paradox, which says that the young Sun not shining enough intensely, to heat the Earth. The results of recent studies show that once the Earth’s atmosphere was about half times lower than today.

What possibly could heat earth temperature to start life if not a Sun?

With the help of the Space Telescope Kepler, astronomers have taken measurements of hundreds of thousands of stars similar to the Sun in different ages. Discovered that younger stars are actually darker than the older, but at the same time, are more prone to violent outbursts. These bursts of star can send into space billions of tonnes of high-energy particles, which we see today as the auroras.

Once the polar auroras formed particles emitted during solar storms heated our atmosphere.

Young Earth had a weaker magnetic field, so the solar wind can reach even above around the poles. Solar storm assigned to the Earth’s atmosphere necessary to sustain life elements. As many as 90% of the atmosphere was the molecular nitrogen (today it is 78 per cent).

Aurora-corona. Photo: colosimophotography.com

When high-energy particles have hit in particles, broke them into each atom, and these in turn clashed against the carbon dioxide, of which was carbon monoxide and oxygen. Thanks to another interaction was nitro-oxide, which is a potent greenhouse gas (is 300 times more effective than carbon dioxide), which led to a significant heating of the Earth. Without this process it will not exist particles like DNA and RNA, which are fundamental educators of life.

The Earth had a lot of luck that has developed on her life. The same cannot be said about the Mars magnetic field of the red planet was not strong enough to keep warm desert today.