Summer in EU: Screwdrivers as drive, Skateboards for wheels

So can it go? A Cordless screwdriver as a drive, and the body of the 3D printer? Eleven student teams from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands have shown at the weekend that you can race with cordless screwdrivers. Lying down, standing up, sitting down.

Playing, toxic, Skypeway to hell: so the name of the student teams who took part in one of the world’s most races are imaginative. Their race had partially manufactured with 3D printers. This now is a common way to cost-effectively produce single pieces.

Screwdrivers as drive
Standing on a skateboard with Akkuschrauberantrieb, Malte balanced Wahid, student at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. Photo: HAWK

However, the drive is really original: a Cordless screwdriver of the Stuttgart-based car parts and electric tool manufacturer Bosch. One minute each of the eleven teams from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands had time to prepare his vehicle in the “pits” for the race. Main task: The insertion of the screwdriver, the batterie had previously been filled up to the collar.

Printer from the hardware store

The designers had to meet in particular a default: the distance between the front and rear axle had to be at least 50 cm. The connector had to come out of the printer. Tim Funke from the team playing says “We wanted to show that you can work well with a small printer”

For this they had to practice patience. The pressure of the individual components up to 50 hours. Overall was the printer of 876 hours in operation. Out came 34 components for the vehicle of the teams of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim, Germany.

Screwdrivers drive
Last preparations before the race. Photo: HAWK

Similarly as in the formula student, a competition for student teams that compete with developed of race cars, should the construction of the participating teams advanced knowledge in construction and drive give. That seems to have managed. “We have made everything entirely and learned a lot while”, saidĀ skate racerĀ Funke.

Racing in the lying, standing and sitting

The constructions works on some adventurous. There was a skateboard with four hard-rubber tyres at the start, on the Malte Wahid, student at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, mostly standing balancing surmounted the obstacle course.

University of Emden
Recumbent bike from the University of Emden – Leer: the frame of the Sun wheel is completely created in the 3D printer. Photo: Emden – Leer

The Emden-Leer University began with a very special vehicle. They produced the complete frame via 3D printing and thus far exceeded the requirements. In addition, it looks more chic and futuristic. Among the first three, the East Frisians came however in any of the three categories.

Start at the annual weekend in Hildesheim
Start at the annual weekend in Hildesheim, Germany: the vehicles are all powered with a screwdrive engines, parts of the body come from the 3D printer. Photo: HAWK

The team screwdriver from the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, completed the 500-metre course in 1:22 min, reached well 20 kilometers per hour. There is also the Cup “Karacho”. Close behind was playing. “Glory”, the audience trophy, got the playing team.

Skypeway won the Cup “Gimmick”, the jury awarded for the technical implementation, to hell.