Stuttgart 21: 521 000 000 overbudget because of paperwork

Bad news for the Stuttgart 21 project: the subway station could be around half a billion euros more expensive than planned. Planned to be ready in 2018 then 2021 and now 2023. Incompetence or bad-luck?

Volker Kefer, Executive Vice President for infrastructure of the Deutsche Bahn, the Supervisory Board of the Group has delivered an ugly message on Friday. Deep Station Stuttgart 21 is probably over 524 million euros more expensive than planned. And that he could not as finish it by 2021, but we have a good chance to do it until 2023.

Anyway, this is the result of the first full review of the project Stuttgart 21, which he gave in the summer 2015. Thus, critics of lowering have had even more right. Engineering Office Vieregg Rössler had prophesied further cost increases and delays in the past year in an own opinion.

Stuttgart 21 drill
Stuttgart 21 drill. Photo:

Is the project with similar planning disaster like in airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER)? No, at least the railway Board is convinced that way. He has already rejected speculation in media reports, the problems are homemade. Rather, they are externally induced. Without them you would have to meet time and cost frame.

Arten, noise and fire protection cause extra costs. Station will also be featured with special safety features.

What makes Stuttgart 21 more expensive? Among other new findings from the road tunnel construction. Therefore the builders need to seal in addition the tunnel with synthetic resin to prevent damage. And that alone costs €144 million. Additional €45 million are due, because the railway due to conservation officers beetles and lizards must build tunnels instead of troughs and also provide areas for the animals.

It goes on: changes due to new jurisdictions to the noise costs €65 million. And also the fire protection is a problem. The Fire Department has changed the rescue strategy since 2014.

The problem: The existing static carries has no staircases to resist and exit area in 90 minutes. This 65 million euro rule would be avoided if not main-town delays on the project approval. Question rises, till 2023 law will change several times in lets say: “quality of toiled water”, we will observe how those small changes extracting money from the pocket.

Railway criticized pace of the federal railway Office

Another point of criticism is the railway to the authorities. So, the authorities in Baden-Wuerttemberg and the federal railway authority (EBA) would work very slow the plan change process. The approval process for a third track to the Filderbahnhof, a part of the project Stuttgart 21, takes already one and a half years.

The railway estimates the risk on €166 million. Additional €125 million accounted for 77 other risks according to the inventory. But despite these additional costs, the car is still in the budget that they had increased with the approval of the supervisory board already 2013 from 2 to 6.5 billion €.

The extension of the building two years encounters many Stuttgart citizens. Because they need to live two years longer with fumes, dust and noise from the S-21 construction sites and take redirects of tram lines and traffics.