Brilliant Project failed on Indiegogo. Street Light Lantern need your help.

This Streetlight makes their power itself: A small wind turbine at the top can be lit the lamps by Peer Langemak there, where no power line is located and the wiring is too expensive. Now, the lamps on Juist will be tested. There is much wind and dark corners.

Unlit cycle and walkways, secluded cabins dark places where you feel uncomfortable: At such places, where there is often no electricity, the lighting planners Peer Langemak from the Schleswig-Holstein Wahlstedt with lamps will provide brightness, that can produce their electricity and store it in a battery. To do this, we developed a small wind turbine that sits on the top of the Lantern.

Wind-powered street light is tested in Juist

On the island of Juist, Langemak wants to test his new streetlight in practice with his company Noordforce. Quiet as a whisper and self-sufficient she light up the darkest night, promises to Langemak. “We want to save the climate, bringing light into the darkness and offer a lower-cost alternative to traditional street lighting”, touts Langemak.The test on Juist is above all intended to be able to put the finishing touches to the electronics of the wind generator.

Street Light Lantern Project
In a green future: the Spanish company Eolgreen uses his environmentally friendly street light in the scene, which is powered using solar panels and a wind turbine with power. Photo: Eolgreen

Savonius rotor generates enough power already in the light breeze

Proceed 1 is equipped with a Savonius rotor. With its vertical axis and blade wings, it works regardless of the wind direction and must not be tracked. Enough power to be generated at low wind speeds above 3 m/s. The Savonius rotor is equipped in addition with a storm protection, self braking and suitable even for the wind load area 4.

A Vulkan V3630 LED Luminaire is equipped with 16 LEDs provides light. She should last 100,000 hours, approximately 34 years at an assumed Flash duration of eight hours a night. There is a timer with dimmer profile and lithium batteries, which provide for the extremely long lifetime. The Noordforce proceed I has 60Ah battery capacity and can work after full charging for up to 10 days without wind self-sufficient.

Project had failed on Indiegogo

Peer Langemak wanted to collect originally €50,000 on Indiegogo to enter series production. Only €197 come together. Street lights are just not privately purchased.

Langemak doesn’t give up

Eventually the idea came to him to his wind-powered Street lamp, after many municipalities with him as a lighting designer and his former partner had again and again asked for self-sufficient island solutions in outdoor areas such as bus stops, P & R places or routes on the market but no provider there, which could reliably offer a ready-made solution.

Cheaper than common street light installation

While there is solar light poles, but also be connected in Northern Europe security access to electricity, because the Sun is not necessarily sufficient.

Langemak and his team assume Europe Germany and at least 20,000 poles for proceed 1 out of a market of around 4000 to 5000 masts. A plant will cost around €3000. For comparison: the installation of a new lighting system costs a municipality according to Langemak including earthworks and cabling to the €5000.

Charging station could be integrated

Now it is in the municipalities close to look at the handmade proceed with prototypes on Juist. Langemak has also been new ideas, we he can still increase the attractiveness of the lamps. So you could equip the lanterns with a motion sensor, which the light and turns off. Also functions as a charger for Smartphone and an emergency button for example for use in national parks or in remote parking lots are possible.