Street lamps charging station and Wi-Fi router

The energy group EnBW at the IAA presents street lamps at the same time acting as emergency telephones and dispensers for electric vehicles. In addition, they offer access to the Internet and collect environmental data such as fine dust and temperature. Economical LED lamps are on hand to ensure that they fulfill their original purpose.

Smart City light – abbreviated Smight – EnBW calls her concept of a networked road infrastructure, which focuses on multifunctional street lights with Internet access are available. Additionally equipped with a socket as a lantern at the same time serves as a charging station for electric vehicles. In addition, the lanterns have a SOS button. Environmental data can also be read via sensors. Energy-saving LED lamps provide lighting.

The company is gearing up with Smight products for the progressive digitization of roads. The light poles of the future integrated transmission technology and sensors for parking space management, Smartphone tracking and traffic count. Such an infrastructure is also considered essential on the road to autonomous driving.

Street lights with Internet access

At the upcoming International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt multi-functional street lighting energy company will present, which is available in different versions with different equipment. As the company, several pilot municipalities in Germany already test the technology.

In the base package can can municipalities equip their existing street lamps with public Wi-Fi access, over the citizens and tourists come for free on the Internet, get unlimited amounts of data and also streaming such as navigation services use. Via the Internet connection, future technologies will allow control, integrate and connect.

Street lamps charging station and Wi-Fi router
Intelligent street lighting with Wi-Fi and charging for electric vehicles. EnBW introduce lantern which can be equipped with sensors for detecting environmental data at the IAA in Frankfurt. Photo: EnBW

The existing street lighting must be replaced completely if she should keep further functions such as the charging technology via Wi-Fi: on an ordinary household socket and a three-phase type 2 connection with up to 22 kW rapid charging, then all electric vehicles.  Power to Pedelec can be uploaded directly to the sedan truck. The user identifies with chip card. A display informs about charge status and tariff. The billing system is integrated on request.

Dense network of emergency telephones

Depending on the version of street lighting, an emergency call system is integrated. An emergency button on the mast will connect to the operations center of a rescue service for example within seconds. Built-in microphones and speakers allow a conversation to the emergency hotline. At the same time, a SOS signal widely indicating where help is needed is at the top of the mast.

Street lamps charging station and Wi-Fi router-1
The new streetlight by EnBW also has an emergency button. Photo: EnBW

Integrating inside the Lantern, it can measure noise, particulates, brightness, air pressure, humidity and temperature. This data can record and send automatically over the Internet or viewing directly on a display. Such metering data serve the communities for example, to the control of particulate air pollution. Be exceeded allowable limits, the community can react quickly and appropriately regulate traffic.