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Strange solar mega-structure gets more mysterious

In October last year the astronomical world news went around the unique message on the havoc celebrities KIC 8462852, which rapidly changed its brightness. Scientists immediately took more detailed her observations, using the radio telescope Allen Telescope Array (ATA), which was designed for about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), the search for alien civilizations.

First indications said about the discovery of our mega-structures, and that meant that probably managed to discover one of the Dyson spheres. These are hypothetical objects described over 50 years ago by the American physicist Freeman Dyson.

An object of this type, which can theoretically be built by an advanced civilization (from the second stage of development in Kardaszew scale), surround has a star, by almost 100 percent of its energy.

Assuming that this object would have to be built around our Sun, at a distance of 1 astronomical unit away from him, its internal area would have to be about 550 million times more than the surface of the Earth.

On the advanced race could quietly exist for thousands of years, of course, after earlier adaptation to these conditions. However, in November, after a series of exact observations, scientists have advised that this may be just a swarm of cool comets, on very long, eccentric orbit around its star.

Then we all enthusiasts of the existence of alien civilizations fell into great sadness. But this is not the end of the story. After several months of silence, just come to us a new, even more interesting news about spending awake researchers.

At the beginning of the current year, Bradley Schaefer of Louisiana State University, discovered something strange. When the scientists from Yale studied the historical data on the said celebrities, they used a digitized photo of the sky from the archives of Harvard University. Unfortunately they did not find them nothing out of the ordinary.

However, Schaefer again reviewed the old data, but fell into five-year periods and estimate searching for the slow long term trends. After many tests, it turned out that in the years 1890-1989 the brightness of the stars decreased by about 20 percent.

Schaefer went to Harvard University to watch the originals of photos, some of which is located on the glass plates. As it is one of the few in the world specialists from the respective interpretation, confirmed that the originals you will see the same thing as in the photos.

Immediately refuted the theory that the star was cover Comet, because such a group would have to consist of 648 000 objects with a width of 200 kilometers each, and it’s almost impossible.

The investigator said that now we can reject the hypothesis of both comets within, as well as all others, even those with aliens. Why? Because there is no option to a civilization built such a huge object in just 100 years, so many, in fact, happens there is something interesting.

Meanwhile, new studies have made Ben Montet and Joshua Simon of Carnegie Institute. It turns out that the star of the KIC 8462852 in just the last 4 years has lost up to 3 to 5 percent of the quality.

solar construction 1

It’s in a beautiful way shows that KIC 8462582 behaves unusually, however, there is no sensible explanation of what could be causing this. That is, ultimately, we know that we know nothing about. Again we are so at the point of exit.

But there is still a light in the tunnel, because, under the successful action pledge money for further research on the Kick-starter, the researchers will now be able to see the mega-structure throughout the year, with the help of Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network. So now we just wait for the new, hopefully, interesting reports.