Strange radio signal from the star HD164595 with hallmarks of an artificial signal

Russian radio telescope RATAN-600 has received just a strange, a single radio signal, which may be an attempt to contact an alien civilization. Recorder signal was emitted by two seconds on the 11 GHz frequency, that is, the waves of length 2.7 cm, and its sources are around the star HD164595.

Good old telescope RATAN-600. Photo: Russian Space Agency

It is located about 95 light-years from Earth. Russian scientists have declared that the signal was recorded on May 15, 2015, however, it was not recognized until August 29, published information on this subject, because for so long tried to determine what is and where this signal originated.

Interestingly, after a signal is detected, the tests were conducted by Claudio Maccone, Astrophysics associated with the organisation of SETI. The message this rattled the world of astronomy, according to some researchers because the signal had the hallmarks of an artificial signal emitted by the Earth’s orbital or retrieved.

As long as there is no more info on this amazing discovery, however, this does not mean that nothing is known. Well, new details will be passed to the public reviews on upcoming Conference IAC 2016, which will begin Sept. 26.

Around the star HD164595 circulates at least one planet the size of Neptune. However, it circulates relatively too close to its star, so it is unlikely that it was some sort of intelligent life. Perhaps there are even smaller and more conducive to thrive life objects.