Stephen Hawking Proof for Extraterrestrial Presence

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner came with Stephen Hawkings in order to discover and contact extraterrestrial beings. The existence of aliens was often discussed and considered among astronomers over hundreds of years, but no one was able to identify traces of their activity on the planet. From the Egyptian civilization after the capital of UFOS on earth-we present 17 evidence of aliens.

It is harder and harder to ignore this facts. Nowadays over 80% of populations believes that we are not alone. Not only in the universe, but also on earth.

Facts about extraterrestrial life that can not be ignored by mainstream science.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

The researchers found half-moon artifact mounted in the skull of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. This outstanding strategist claimed that he was a prisoner for some time of “foreign creatures” when he disappeared for a few days in the year 1794. He said that those creatures was living far on north. This quotations are recorded and carefully analyzed by scientists and historians.

Bonaparte Napoleon
Bonaparte Napoleon

Ancient Hieroglyphs

Among the Egyptian hieroglyphics that can be found, some would suggest a visit of the flying saucer in the Nile Valley in those days. CarbonDating leads to 9600-4700 BC. However most researchers agree with 10400 to 12500 BC

antient egipt
Photo: Temniy, Getty Images

3. Observations in Bonnybridge.

The small town of Bonnybridge is known as the Scottish capital of UFOs. On average, each year it recorded more than 300 reports of unidentified flying objects. Pictured: document made available by the British National Archives, report of UFO Sighting.

Stephen Hawking Proof for Extraterrestrial Presence
Stephen Hawking Proof for Extraterrestrial Presence

4. Alien organisms

When a group of British scientists released a balloon for the upper layers of the stratosphere in 2013, has returned to Earth, based in a tiny living organisms. The researchers were convinced that they had to develop in space.

Photo of alien organism developed in the space balloon.

Europa, Jupiter moon

Recent studies show that on one of the moons of Jupiter, Europe could be frozen red bacteria. The presence of bacteria points out the evolution of more advanced forms of life.

Europa, Jupiter moon
Europa, Jupiter moon

Scorpions on Venus? Howkins probably have something more to share here.

After receiving the photos Venera 13 in 1982, Russian scientist Leonid Ksanfomaliti said that the organisms similar to Scorpions can co-habituate Venus.

Venus Closeup
Venus, © Denis Cameron

Fossils with alien organism

Scientists have found a Martian rock in Antarctica and claim that contains the fossilized bacteria. The discovery has led to speculation about extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth.

alien organism on asteroid
Pictured: microscopic photography meteorite Alh84001 with longitudinal structure resembling petrified micro-organism (in the middle).

Ohio State University Signals

In 1977, researchers at Ohio State University have received signals that have gone over 200 million light-years in space. The researchers now are trying to identify the source of these relatively strong signals.

Ohio State University Network
Ohio State University Network

Microbic lifeform from Mars

Recently the Russians have found a micro-organism with a rare ability to survive in a situation of strong and dangerous radiation. Yet it was noted that on any other organism on Earth. Scientists believe that the organism had to arise on Mars, which confirms the assumption of the existence of extraterrestrial life.


Methane in Mars atmosphere

Methane is usually produced by living organisms. Vast amounts of this gas are located in the Mars atmosphere, what is the substantive basis for age-old theories about life on Mars.


Ambassador for alien affairs

Mazlan Othman
Mazlan Othman

Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman is the Director of the Office of the United Nations. Extraterrestrial space (called. United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, UNOOSA). Mazlan must welcome newcomers from space and coordinate diplomatic action on the part of our civilization, if aliens indeed wished to contact us.



Closeups and collisions in the air


There has been a lot of cases where commercial airline aircraft almost hit UFO. A Delta-shaped flying object observed by a pilot flying towards the English. The UFO disappeared before he could react, in order to avoid a collision.


Drake’s equation

Our own galaxy, the milky way, has more than 400 billion stars. Scientists believe that at least half of them has on its orbit at least one planet. An American astronomer and astrophysicist, Dr. Frank Drake, has calculated the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations on the basis of the probability of the presence of life on any of these planets.

310 km/sec Cloud Enters Milkyway
310 km/sec Cloud Enters into Milkyway

The History Of The Erie Morning News

1 August 1966 newspaper Erie Morning News has published information about experiencing a UFO in Presque Isle State Park in Pennsylvania (USA). A certain Betty Klem saw bright lights landing on Earth some 700 yards from it.

© AP Photo/Erie Times-News
© AP Photo/Erie Times-News

A coin from the 17th century

An unidentified flying object, you can watch on this coin that was minted in the 17th century in France.

A coin from the 17th century
An unidentified flying object, you can watch on this coin that was minted in the 17th century in France.

Apollo 11 observation during landing

When American astronauts landed on the Moon in the Apollo 11 mission, they spotted an unidentified flying object near the place where they were. From the beginning they thought it was part of the rockets the SIV-B, which, as it turned out-it was 9 656 km away. This event today is a mystery for scientists.

Apollo 11
Observation from Apollo 11 during moon landing.

Mysterious radio signals

Astronomers have tried to contact Martians by sending into space a regular radio signals. In 2004 observed an unidentified radio signal, which began to take on. The researchers were convinced that they were extraterrestrial attempts to get in touch with us.

Mysterious radio signals
Mysterious radio signals