Statoil Largest Floating Offshore Facility

The world’s largest floating wind power plant is created off the coast of Scotland. Five giant wind turbines from the Norwegian Energy Group Statoil. They are not anchor into the ground, just floating fixed to steel cables. If this installation is stable enough for the stormy sea all costs arround the world will use this solution.

Statoil Largest Floating Offshore Facility
The wind park Hywind off the Scottish North Sea coast to supply 20,000 households. The five wind turbines are anchored but not in the ground, but swim in the sea. They are fixed on steel cables.

The world will look exactly, when the Norwegian oil and gas group Statoil will start next year with the Assembly of five giant offshore wind turbines off the Scottish coast. The Scottish Government in Edinburgh has now given their consent for the Hywind project, Statoil announced now.

Although only five plants are installed, it is the largest wind farm of its kind in the world.

Statoil largest floating offshore facility for the 100 m sea weaves.

The five plants have not only a high power 6 MW. Their Assembly is unusual. Because while the wind turbines 25 km on the high seas, about off the coast at Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, they are not anchored in the ground. The sea is too deep with 95 to 120 m, to anchor there classical wind turbines, which are in waters with depths of up to 50 m.

Statoil Largest Floating Offshore Facility_
Statoil has tried floating wind turbines already in 2009 off the Norwegian coast. Now they are used for the first time in large part off the Scottish coast.

Therefore, Statoil in Scotland has opted for floating facilities, the group even before the Norwegian coast has tested the. You swim in the sea, but are connected by steel cables. The individual towers are attached in addition of steel ropes with poles that are anchored to the seabed.

Power supply for 20,000 households

The turbines of the 6 MW wind turbines are 65 m high above the sea, the rotors have a diameter of 82 m. If it goes well, five wind turbines, which are distributed on an area of 4 km2, can provide 20,000 households according to Statoil with power. the wind farm to the grid will be in 2017.

Statoil Largest Floating Offshore Facility__
The floating wind turbines in a wind farm Hywind are connected with steel cables. At the same time, they are secured to piles, which are anchored to the sea floor.

With the new wind park Statoil wants to test on a large scale, whether proved the self-developed swimming technique in practice, and in stormy seas. Because Statoil wants to take advantage of increasingly locations in the North Sea, which are too deep for normal installations, which are fixed on the ground.

Cheaper electricity production with floating wind turbines

Of which Statoil expects a significant reduction in costs. So, the Group assumes that the production costs due to the strong winds of 10 m/s, this higher income and the lower investment costs are under 100 pounds per MWh. Usually the cost is over 110 pounds.