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Sports bag from the 3D printer for Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar

Exclusive from Nike

The sports article manufacturer Nike has launched a new sports bag from the 3D printer at the football world championship.
For the time being, there are only three copies of the “Rebento” bag, exclusively for football stars and Nike advertising faces Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar.

Pressure forms legends, risk everything, “says Nike’s advertising video just before the beginning of the football world championship.
There, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. and Wayne Rooney march past jubilant fans and loud commentators to the stadium and one thing is clear: the expectations of the three world class footballers are huge.
For Nike, however, it is already clear that their advertising campaigners are the “best players in the competition”.

Laser sintering process

A bit more exclusivity goes then only over the equipment: The very latest sports bag from Nike, fresh from the 3D printer, is initially only in a triple layer.

Rooney, Ronaldo and Neymar were allowed to take a bag to Brazil.And so that the owners can also be unambiguously assigned, their names were engraved on a gold placard on the bag.
The bag is chic, processed according to the latest technology, and remains ,at first a rarity, reserved only to the very big ones.
The exclusive piece consists of two parts. The bottom gives the bag support and structure and comes from the 3D printer.
The laser sintering process is used to build the work piece layer by layer.

In the Nike sports bag, an intertwined fabric structure was created from the flexible, robust and light printing nylon material.
The pattern is similar to that used in the new Nike football shoes Magista and Mercurial.
The bottom plate, also produced by a 3D printing process, is similar to the studs of the football boots.
Behind the dense fabric is a bright green fabric and provides the necessary attention.In addition, there are two carrying straps and the actual bag with zipper.
It is made of hand-crafted leather and is seamless and non-glued in the printed structure.

“Rebento” is in Portuguese for “exploding”

“We wanted to do something really special for the best players in the competition,” says Martin Lotti, Nike’s Creative Director.
Even if the innovative sports bag is currently an exclusive product, Nike probably has other things in mind. “The 3D print allows an unprecedented adaptation to customer requirements and opens up new possibilities for integrated individuality,” says Nike.

This shows where the journey will go: Fast and cost effective mass production with simultaneous adaptation to individual customer requirements.
By the way, shoes from the 3D printer are already available, but not by Nike, but it is possible.
First of all, Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar have to show that they are worth their advertising honors and are allowed to carry the exclusive bag rightly.
The bag is, incidentally, “Rebento”, which is derived from the Portuguese word for “exploding”.

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