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Spooky Anti-snoring mask that cure

Companies in the United States and Singapore have developed a process to produce individually adjusted respiratory masks with 3D printers. You prevent snoring and prevent apnea, dangerous breathing interruptions during sleep.

Snorers, which could enter into competition with a chainsaw, can be helped. At night, you can wear a mask that is connected to a ventilator. The uniform air flow prevents snoring. It’s called airway (= continuous positive airway pressure CPAP). Not only extreme snoring can benefit even people suffering from apnea, their breathing so sometimes scary long falters during sleep.

Today’s masks are a nuisance to many

CPAP is used also in emergency medicine, but only temporarily. Therefore is a shortcoming of the masks in this case not so much in weight. There they only in four sizes, so they never perfectly adapt to a face. For people that they would have to bear actually every night, an annoyance: At least 50 percent fail to complete therapy.

Anti-snoring mask that cure
The mask is connected to a ventilator. The uniform air flow prevents snoring. Photo: Metamason

2017 is the rescue. Metamason, a company in Santa Clara, California will then deliver the first masks, which will adapt perfectly to the patient’s face. They close tightly and leave no pressure points. “Every face is different,” says Leslie Oliver Karpas, founder and head of the company. His team will be the individually shaped masks via 3D printing made of biocompatible silicone, breast implants consist of the also. The printed mask is currently in the approval process.

App for smartphones

The production of the mask starts with a 3D scan. Metamason has designed an app for Smartpones, lets you make a three-dimensional image of the face. The digital record thereby obtained is transmitted to the company. A software calculates the mask data. Thus, a 3D printer is being fed. Base material is a liquid layer by layer applied in one above the other. Each is before a new applied, hardened with ultraviolet light, vulcanized. WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group has developed a printer that can do that. The customer receives the finished mask by mail.

Initially operated only patients in the United States. “Our masks can compete price wise with the currently offered…” said Karpas. You are likely to cost then at most $300.

Competition from Singapore

Before the mask on the market competition is announced already. InspĂ­rate medical in Singapore, founded by Norman Wanto and Ivan Suriady, the 23 and 24 years old who wants this, but no later than next year sell the first mask in the Asian region. The young entrepreneurs want to distribute 3D scanners among doctors. The data collected in the practices are then sent to InspĂ­rate medical.

Anti-snoring mask
The special feature of the mask by Metamason is the perfect seat. Snoring and breathing interruptions can be treated so effectively. Photo: Metamason

The production process is the same as the American competition.

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