Speed Record made on magnetic rail (U.S.Navy)

New speed record vehicle moving through the phenomenon of magnetic levitation (maglev) belongs to the United States Air Force (USAF) and was established in Holloman-reports The Verge.

About magnetic levitation we hear in the Asian context. They regularly compete in the records. These factual and not having much to do with public transportation belong to the USAF. A few years ago 846 Squadron Test maglev vehicle accelerate to 820 km/h that was record from 7 March, when the rocket-powered sled levitating at the speed of 825 km/h, and after two days later already had 1018 km/h! Test track has only 640 meters.

To the vehicle spin-up was necessary to cool the magnets to a temperature of -269 degrees Celsius. The USAF has managed to accomplish this using liquid helium.The military does not intend to stop there. Maglev will continue improving and getting faster. In the end, the motto of the Squadron

“Mach 10. We want to look at other light materials and see what we can still achieve what you can squeeze out of this system, when it comes to speed, “said Lieutenant Colonel Shawn Morgenstern.

The U.S. AIR FORCE wants to use a magnetic levitation for their own purposes, but there is a good chance that some solutions could hit well to public transport. In this case, the leader leads the Asia, especially China and Japan.