SpaceX test “Raptor” engine for MARS colonization

SpaceX, which is chaired by Elona Stroke, serious about as soon as you send astronauts to Mars and the assumption there. To do this, engineers are building a powerful rocket called Falcon Heavy, and it will be one of the largest in the history of mankind.

SpaceX has just reported that soon will begin testing a new engine called Raptor. He moved on to the company’s base in Texas a few days ago.

The engine is as powerful as the rocket Falcon Heavy (or, if you prefer Mars Colonial Transporter), namely will provide her 3 times larger than the string obtaining now at Falconach.

Shuttle SpaceX

It will be equally 500 thousand pounds, which is more or less the same as the string of the main engines of American space shuttles.

According to the plan, the Raptor has a flight into orbit at the end of this year or early next. Elon Musk wants to equip the rocket Falcon Heavy in nine such engines (Merlin engines), of course, in the Mission of the trip to Mars.

SpaceX wants in the next decade to send people to the red planet. Earlier, however, because in 2018, to Mass has to fly unmanned Dragon capsule.

Musk announced more details on Raptor and the colonization of Mars reveal during the International Astronautical Conference, which will take place in Guadalajara on 26-30 September.

Recall that the company announced work on subsequent rockets. One of them will be a real monster, and was called initially by the Stroke very eloquently, because the Big Rocket. It is to be equipped with dozens of engines, Raptor, and perhaps will look like on the photo title.