SpaceX sending recycled rocket into space

Elon Musk has reason to rejoice: this year can he reuse for the first time a carrier rocket. Because yesterday the aerospace company SpaceX again, succeeded a Falcon 9 with the route “once all and back” to without prejudice to land.

In September or October the private aerospace firm SpaceX wants to use for the first time one of his missiles returned yet again to the Earth according to its own figures for the second time. It should be the rocket, which had landed exactly in April of this year on a platform in the sea.

Then Musk, stated that the construction of a rocket $60 million at all costs during the fuel for $300k to have, it is 200 times less. Overall SpaceX was able to take so far five rockets safely back on Earth receive. They landed back on the Mainland or on a platform in the sea.

Musk: “ready to fly again”

With the prospect of future cheaper missions the jubilation at the headquarters of the U.S. space station was Cape Canaveral on Monday morning big when the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket again inspite of returned after her flight into space to the Earth. 6:45 CEST, the carrier rocket with the transport module was launched Dragon aboard in Cape Canaveral.

Lets recycle themselves
Lets recycle: the Falcon 9 by SpaceX. Photo: Spacex

After the separation of the freighter, which continued its journey to the international space station alone, the carrier rocket was back and landed as planned on the Earth. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reported later on Twitter after the inspection, it look good: “Ready to fly again.”

Loaded Dragon capsule with 2300 kg

That SpaceX can build on its success by December 2015, as succeeded for the first time in the history of space, after a detour into space back piece and upright the seat back to conduct a carrier rocket.

Also on the freighter, Dragon is cost reduction by reusing in sight: In May ended up rather than burn up in the atmosphere, a model in the Pacific, and was unscathed by SpaceX recovered.

Lets recycle
On that ISS space freighter docked, Dragon in May 2016. Photo: SpaceX

The Dragon capsule, which started on Monday, is by the way, still on the way to the ISS. With their 2300 kg charge is expected on Wednesday at the human outpost in space.

Shuttle soon will autonomously dock

With this dragon has a docking module, which will in future enable space freighters, automatically the ISS to dock. Actually this should be already possible in the past year. There, luck was hold SpaceX of less: the previous module was destroyed in June 2015 in the explosion of a SpaceX rocket shortly after takeoff. Reason for the accident was a defective strut, which resulted in dissipating a helium tank.

Save and fly to Mars

SpaceX is developing a vehicle for the transportation of astronauts into space as well as the aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Since the end of the US space shuttle program 2011, are dependent on the United States for the transport of astronauts on the Russian Soyuz capsules, want to be independent again but with the help of private companies.

SpaceX Historic moment in December 2015
Historic moment in December 2015: the photo shows how the rocket upright SpaceX’s Falcon 9 will return to Earth and lands. Photo: SpaceX

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is very ambitious space project. He wants to not only save costs, but also every two years to Mars fly.