SpaceX Rocket Explosion

Tesla founder Elon Musk has a losing streak: for the fourth time, a Falcon 9 rocket landing on Earth is tipped over and explodes. The goal of his aerospace company SpaceX, multiple use missiles, will fail. Is it because that musk favored floating platforms in the Pacific Ocean as land area?

SpaceX Rocket Explosion

Jason satellite missed the sea level

The rocket was launched at 19:42 pm local time on the US airbase Vandenbergh in California. Successfully put the satellite Jason 3 developed by the United States and France in a near-Earth orbit. The on-board the satellite altimeter radar based on missing the elevation changes of sea level with an accuracy of 2.5 to 3.3 cm. The mission to provide more accurate data to the rise of in sea levels.

A supporting arm grabbed incorrectly

Because SpaceX had no permission to land the missile again on the base, evaded the company on a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean. The rocket stage fell their target too, as intended, in a straight position, so SpacX. But in the pictures is to see that slightly oblique flying the missile shortly before attaching. After putting it tipped over relatively quickly.

SpaceX Rocket Explosion

Yet so much fuel on Board was obviously that she exploded and flew into a thousand pieces. One of the four legs, which should hold, had probably not properly packed to. Due to backwash high at the time of the landing rocked the platform, so that the rocket could not keep.

Departure from the throwaway era?

Thus the landing of a rocket failed after a flight in space for the fourth time, barely a month after it was first-ever successful SpaceX sure to recover the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX wants to recycle its missiles, to dramatically reduce the costs. However, some talks however. Because additional fuel on board must be stopped to allow a controlled return to the Earth, the payload will be smaller. There are also additional units on board, which also increase the total weight.

SpaceX Rocket Explosion

In addition, that damage are by no means excluded during take-off, flight, and the homecoming. Extensive repair and maintenance may be necessary before the returning rocket stage is again used.

But even Amazon founder of Jeff Bezos dreams of recycling rockets. His space company, blue origin relies on reusable rockets. Right at the first attempt, the landing of a much smaller missile on land managed Bezos and his team in November 2015. The only successful return was musk in December 2015.