SpaceX got NASA contract

SpaceX got NASA contract for 112 million dollars

SpaceX did not last too winning streak first, there were problems with the landing on a barge, and in September explosion one of the rocket “Falcon 9”, which endangered the company for huge losses, even (or especially) image. Therefore, the contract from NASA totaling 112 million dollars is at the moment on Elon hands.

Under the agreement, SpaceX has put goods on orbit. NASA developed jointly with French satellite Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite that has to watch carefully the entire Earth’s water-oceans, seas, lakes and rivers thereby improving the accuracy of meteorological models, as well as helping in the management of global water resources.

The explosion of the rocket in Aerospace could be the nail in the coffin for the company, but fortunately the Musk managed to easily stave off the crisis and it looks like everything is back to normal.

Well because it is the SpaceX currently most pushes forward the realization of our dreams about the conquest of space.

Source: The Verge, Image: SpaceX

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