Space mining begin. 13 thousand rich asteroids waiting.

Visions of the construction of the great mine on objects traveling through space slowly cease to be only scenes from popular sci-fi movies and become real. Space mining, are concerned not only the company, but rich countries that want to further enrich to such ventures.

At this time tested are already in orbit a variety of devices designed to be used in search of water and precious substances such as: iron, cobalt or platinum. Of course, the most important and most valuable rare earth metals will be mostly, out to the most expensive materials.

Space mining has become a reality

In February this year, we learned that with a “gold” space wants to enter Luxembourg. The richest country of the world wants to allocate funds for sky-high technology, which will facilitate the development of sourcing minerals from asteroids.

Luxembourg does not threw words to the wind, and the best example of that big shots of this little kingdoms are serious about developing their interests outside of the ground, is the fact that they are working with the American company Deep Space Industries (DSI).

Together with engineers from California are at the moment in the process of building an experimental satellite Prospector-X, which could perform test to technology required for operation of minerals extractions that are found in asteroids.

The device-1 only weighed Prospector 50 kilograms, and will be equipped with Jet system Comet, which ejects the nozzle a hot pair. As many asteroid contains large amounts of ice, the device will be able to refuel directly in space.

The task of the P-1 will therefore explore the asteroids, in order to check whether there are water resources. If all goes according to plan, the next step will be to run the system, that is, launch the X-Harvestor sampling. If the results are positive, the system will be enabled Harvestor-1, with the aim of immediate extraction and supply of harvested material on Earth.

Deep Space Industries plans, that the first system tests scheduled to start as early as next year, while the first extraction of minerals from asteroids will begin in the 1920s.

Recall that in 1967 the Treaty, under which the space outside the Earth’s atmosphere is a public space (such as international waters), all are aware of the fact that this means that the rich in asteroid materials will belong to those who earn it first.

13 thousand rich asteroids waiting

Luxembourg wants to become a European Centre of space mining with purely organic.

Deputy Prime Minister of the country announced that the acquisition of precious metals from the rocks speeding by the solar system will relieve the mother nature and make that our planet will be less polluted place.

NASA established already over 13 thousand objects flying close to the ground, which may become the first objectives of the exploration. According to the greatest visionaries of the world technology, thanks to the space-mining, we will be able to gain huge financial resources for the expedition to the Moon, Venus and Mars, as well as the establishment of the database there.