Sound Waves from Deep Sea Predict Tsunamis

American scientists have discovered a previously not possible link between surface and deep water waves. They want to use it to detect tsunamis at an early stage by means of sound waves from the deep-sea.Acoustic gravity waves, that’s at stake, are not to be found as in the recently proven Einstein gravitational waves in space, but in the sea. They are raised mostly by huge events in the oceans such as underwater earthquake, explosions, landslides or even meteorites. Hiking the resulting waves with velocity around the Earth, then swirl messed up also the water including nutrients, salts, and other particulate.

Previously, it was believed that such gravitational waves in the deep ocean surface waves, which we can see about a beach or boat, have no connection.

Surface waves can trigger deeper tsunami sound waves

Scientists at the mathematical Institute of Massachusetts have refuted this assumption now Institute of Technology (MIT). The team led by Assistant Professor Osama has recognized the much slower surface waves as another possible trigger for fast acoustic waves in the deep ocean and published discovery in the journal of fluid mechanics.

Sound Waves Deep Sea Predict Tsunamis
Huge mountains of waves in the ocean close to the Galapagos Islands: U.S. researchers have determined that there is a correlation between waves on the sea surface and the deep sea. Therefore tsunamis could be easier to predict. Photo: ESA

According to the new theory two surface waves that are moving towards each other with similar frequency, can share up to 95 percent its original energy a sound wave, moving much faster and deeper. One would expect this interaction between the different types of waves of continental plates, where deep-sea and shallow coast meet and break the surface waves on the plates. This force, believes Professor Kadri, could play an important role in marine life forms, because so would circulated water masses and compensated, for example, temperature differences.

On the surface, gravity plays a role in the deep-sea compression

So far it has not come therefore on the idea that there could be a relationship between surface waves and sound waves in deep water because the two types of waves have very different properties, says p. Kardi. For a surface wave, gravity is the vital force, while this hardly plays a role for a sound wave.

The acoustic wave, which is a pressure wave that travels through the water by this is slightly compressed. The two previously neglected components of the gravity and the compaction have now included with scientists in their new wave formula.

“The theory so far is that two surface waves, which move towards each other and pass each other, replace any form of energy”, says p.Kardi. The reality was much more complex.

Actually an exchange of energy takes place, so that could be triggered by the interaction of surface waves an acoustic wave, which have completely different properties, in the deep-sea. “This also means that some of the energy of the atmosphere by the wind and the Sun, in the form of sound waves through the ocean is moving.”

A tsunami early warning system should be developed

This new understanding of the relationship will now apply for the early detection of tsunamis. Together with the Oceanography Institute at Woods Hole in Massachusetts system will be developed that as the actual shaft itself, in time recognizes the acoustic gravitational waves, which are ten times faster and ahead from tsunami weaves.