Sony launches new Walkman: Is in gold

For us, the Walkman from Sony teens of the 1980s was the greatest achievement since the advent of the standard in our living room. Our music was Mobile now a trifle. Now, Sony launches a luxury Walkman in gold on the market: heavy, expensive and with amplifier even more mobile, but a sweetheart for nostalgic.

My first Walkman had a blue plastic case and eventually began to eat the cassette tapes. It was in the 1980s, when teenager as I had to still lurking cower before the radio recorder, to press the record button at the right moment and capture the favorite song (for the younger ones: for us there was still no digital music, let alone Internet).

sony Walkman in gold
Photo: Sony

To the Lyres and final band salad we even recorded cassettes played then in our Walkman, that great invention that Sony had given us in 1979. Finally, we got our hits anytime, anywhere on the ears. On the go! What a revolution.

3,300 euros for luxury Walkman

With the MP3 players and Smartphones today, that goes without saying. So Sony has the better-off nostalgic at the sight probably, if the Japanese take the luxury version of a player on the market to the IFA: heavy, expensive, and with amplifier not even more mobile as the digital Walkman, the Sony 2015 at CES presents has.

Walkman in gold
Photo: Sony

The Gold Premium Walkman NW-WM1Z from the signature series to 3.299 euros. The Walkman Sony recommends the approximately 2,300 Euro expensive headphones MDR-Z1R and the stationary headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES incidentally again 1.999 euros. The “walking” the expensive overall arrangement no longer suitable.

Sony launches new Walkman in gold
Photo: Sony

For those of you who like revel at a high level in memories, here are a few technical details:, With 72.9 × 124.2 19.9 mm width x height x depth is about as big as a Cassette Walkman in the 1980s, but much more difficult with 455 g of NW WM1Z. The Cabinet is made of gold-plated, oxygen-free copper. The conductivity and resistance of this material to provide a high-class acoustics. The new, specially designed for the Walkman Digital amplifier technology is designed to reduce distortion and noise.

Sony launches new Walkman
Photo: Sony

Walkman supports almost all popular formats

The NW WM1Z copes with almost all popular file formats and compression methods. He supports high-resolution audio formats, native DSD playback (11.2 MHz) as well as MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, AAC, HE-ACC, FLAC, and ALAC. The manufacturer promises up to 30 hours music playback in high resolution audio quality (FLAC 96 kHz/24 bit) and 33 hours in MP3 (128 Kbps). The 256 GB internal storage capacity range according to the manufacturer for up to 1600 high resolution audio tracks. In addition, the memory via the microSD slot can be extended.

Music, streams of the player via Bluetooth wirelessly and LDAC-quality, an audio technology developed by Sony, which will triple the amount of data compared to conventional transmission capacity. The TFT colour display (touchscreen), offers a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels in the image aspect ratio of 1.78: 1 (graphic standard FWVGA).

Cheaper variant for 1.200 euro

With the Walkman high-resolution Walkman NW-WM1A, Sony brings a slightly cheaper variant of the series on the market: 1.199 euro (RRP) you get the WALKMAN with equivalent sound technology although in aluminum case and with less storage capacity.