SolidEnergy Double Capacity Batteries on production

900km range with “Tesla S”? Yes, we know already a million times you’ve read about the turn in the world of rechargeable batteries, which have several times to extend the work of your beloved gadgets. However, this time it’s not a fairy tale.

Researchers at MIT within the company SolidEnergy developed because the lithium-metal, which are able to store 2 times more power than a standard lithium-ion battery.

All of this is possible thanks to the use of metal foil with very thin, which replaced the graphite anode. The foil is able to accommodate more ions than the now used form of anodes, and with hybrid electrolyte battery containing it can work at room temperature.


SolidEnergy will not now tested his invention, because it already has been done. In November the first rechargeable batteries have hit to the first customers. In smartphones, a new solution is to appear at the beginning of 2017 and 2018 will be able to find them on board car from Tesla.

Can you imagine that soon Your Smartphones (even the older ones with replaceable battery) will work twice as long, and the happy owners of Models S from Tesla will be able to ride up to 900 kilometers on a single charge?