Solar Power Plant in Miraah will be used to produce Crude Oil

One of the largest solar power plants in the world that is growing in Oman, will be use in production of crude oil.

Solar Farm named Miraah eventually has to produce equivalent of 1 GW of power and will replace the less efficient energy method that uses natural gas as a substrate. Unlike conventional solar installations that use heat to produce steam driving turbine to generating electricity, the couple obtained in Miraah power plant will ease pumping of crude oil to the surface.

The company resorted to more complex and costly processes called Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to get to the harder oil harder decks are available. One of the most often used techniques is EOR injection-as a result of water introduction: vapor into the tank with the oil, and then heat it, to cut oil viscosity, which helps her pump out to the surface. But this method requires large amounts of natural gas. According to Glasspoint the use of steam injection technique requires the use of a 1 barrel of oil to produce five.

Miraah plant will be used to produce Crude Oil and supply local industry in power.

The main advantage of Miraah power plant will be its performance. It is expected that through this facility every year saves a 5.6 million British Thermal Units (BTU) of natural gas. Power plant in Oman will generate an average of 6000 tonnes of solar-induced water vapor per day. It will also be the largest solar installation of EOR in the world. The cost of construction of the plant is more than 600 million dollars and is going to be completed by 2017.

Solar Power Plant in Miraah
Solar Power Plant in Miraah