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So a solar park becomes an attraction!

Renewable energies in China

The Chinese have created a photovoltaic system that looks like a giant panda from the air. And this is only the beginning of a campaign with a serious background.

Last week, a very special photovoltaic system went online: the world’s first in the form of a pandas.

It stands, as it should be otherwise, in China, more precisely, in Datong, 300 km west of Beijing.

The Panda is a 100 MW solar system

As the operator Panda Green Energy Group Limited announced, only part of the plant with a capacity of 50 megawatts went to the electricity grid.

When the project is fully completed, 100 megawatts of green electricity will be delivered.

According to Panda Green Energy, this could save 1.06 million tonnes of coal or 2.74 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The project is operated jointly with US-American companies. Amongst others, the gray parts of the Panda puzzles from the USA are made of thin layer solar cells from the American specialist First Solar.

The black body parts, on the other hand, come from China, they are monocrystalline silicon solar cells of Xi’an Longi Silicon Materials Corporation.

Panda Power Plant is part of the initiative “New Silk Road”

Originally the Panda Power Plant project was launched by Panda Green Energy in May 2016, four months later, the company entered into a cooperation agreement with the United Nations Development Program, the UNDP.

It is now an official representative for renewable energies in China.

Why, in addition to the facility, a youth center will be set up to educate schoolchildren about the benefits of renewable energies.

Since May 2017, the panda-shaped solar system has also been part of the New Silk Road.

It is supposed to provide environmentally-friendly energy at the edge of the route and draw some attention to the gigantic construction project.

The new Silk Road is a development program designed to revive the old trade routes of China by land and sea, through new roads and railways, pipelines and energy systems such as the Panda solar system.

This initiative will cost the empire of the middle 900 billion US dollars.

So the Panda project continues: the current facility marks the start of the “Panda 100 Program”, with which the Chinese want to reach panda shaped solar systems over the next five years, along the entire Silk Route.

Why Exceeds a Panda?

That the solar system in the form of a pandas comes from, is no coincidence. China has a very special relationship with these animals.

For the Great Panda that lives in the wild, exclusively in some bamboo-rich subtropical provinces of Central China.

Currently there are only around 1,900 free living species. The bears themselves as well as their distribution areas are therefore protected in China.

And also worldwide, the Panda symbolically stands for the protection of endangered species, since it is since 1961 the Wappentier of the environmental protection organization WWF.

And at the sight of this solar system, say one thing, technology cannot be sweet.


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