SOLAR IMPULSE 2 landed in Ohio

Built in Switzerland an experimental plane piloted by Andre Borschberg, landed on Saturday at 7:00 pm 21.56 (3.56 GMT) at the airport in Dayton, after 16 hours. and 34 minutes of the flight, more than an hour quicker than anticipated.

Stop in Dayton was a unique and symbolic, because from this city came American Aviation pioneers the Wright Brothers for the first time rise to the sky. In Solar Impulse pilots 2 welcomed their descendants, Stephen and Amanda Wright.

Solar Impulse 2 waiting for one more stage in the United States, which will be in New York City. Then the plane will defeat the Atlantic to Europe, and then to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, from where he took off in March 9, 2015.

Historic flight around the world is promoting technologies that use renewable sources of energy. The route is divided into several stages. Planned stops are designed to rest pilots, a review of the aircraft and the campaign for clean energy.

The plane is equipped with more than 17 thousand. photo-voltaic cells, covering its wings with a length covering 72 meters of wings. It’s almost as much as the wingspan of an Airbus A380.

Energy from photo-voltaic cells is stored in lithium-ion, which supply the four electric motors. Solar Impulse 2, built from 2.3 tons carbon fiber. Its maximum speed is 140 km/h, and a practical ceiling with 8500 ft. Light weight makes it very vulnerable to the vagaries of weather and currents of air.

Solar Impulse 2 is the successor of the first of this kind Solar Impulse 1