Solar Energy Spanish Start-up Evovelo Velomobile

Dream bike for 4,5k euro. It already has some Velomobile. But two people side by side, which also are supported by an electric motor, that is the idea of the Spanish start-ups Evovelo. That must feel, to roll over the boulevards of Paris.

Velomobiles are streamlined and usually completely closed. To adjust this is rocket on three wheels. Two front, a rear wheel. Some motorists can be jelous about efficiency of Velomobiles on the road. Finally they can be easily overlooked due to their often very low height.

But always, the fully faired tricycles are 100% environmentally friendly. Finally, they are powered usually only through courageous pedal stroke. The Spanish start-up Evovelo has now modified this concept and bought an additional electric motor his Velomobile with the strange name “mö”. The highlight: the drive not only from a battery on Board draws his power. She charged by solar panels on the roof of the vehicle.

Bicycle mobile with large doors and Windows – Solar Energy Spanish Start-up Evovelo is most interesting velomobile on the market.

The slightly egg-shaped appearance, “mö” reminds a little of bicycle trailers for children. It can accommodate two people is, the passenger compartment is completely closed by doors and large Windows on sides and front.

A small luggage compartment behind the seats. The tricycle has even windshield wipers, Horn, mirrors and headlights. 200 cm long, 140 cm wide and 130 cm high: With this mass the “mö” on pitches for traditional bicycles should somehow find space.

At 25 km range does not need charging

Before driving it must be set if the “mö” Los completely electrically to nozzles, or pedal driven with electric support – the latter almost a Pedelec mode. According to the manufacturer, the 100 watt of powerful solar panels on the roof generate enough energy to daily maximum of 25 km (only electrically driven) to resign. One other charge as with photovoltaics is not required with this driving behaviour as well as.

However, it is of course possible to recharge the battery via a cable to the wall socket. If desired, the battery can be also expanded and externally loaded into apartment or House. Depending on the conditions that apply in the respective field of the vehicle, the electric motor on services between 250 and 1500 Watts is adjusted.

Start up Evovelo looking for beta testers

The yet to be acquired “mö” will cost once around €4500. While the manufacturer wants it delivered fully assembled or loose as a kit. With the latter, the Spanish company wants to invite tinkerer to create their own versions.

Currently, Evovelo searches for “possible” still beta-tester for. Interested parties can apply on the website of the manufacturer for it.

The Spaniards are but not the first, that provide a tricycle with solar panels on the roof. This idea was also a few young Greeks, the Sunnyclist invented a tricycle that is powered with pedal force and by an electric motor at the same time.