This Sofa is Transformed with App (Internet of Things, IoT)

A sofa surfaced with the Internet of Things. It is called Lift-Bit and is currently at the Triennale in Milan. With tablet, magically padded up stool can be height adjusted and combine into the chaise lounge or the whole sitting or sleeping set.

The seating area is actually an interior invention from 1970s. Good-room sofa was defunct grannies, freely moving seat and cushion elements arbitrarily Shepherd and to the discussion forum or demand to the sleeping countryside combine.

Video source: Carlo Ratti Associati

The furniture industry took over the concept. The seating is changed over the years with the fashion. It had to come sometime: the modern sofa today there is ‘ ne app.

Many stool form for seating area to transform this sofa.

The Italian Designer Carlo Ratti Associati has devised a seating landscape from individual stools that move by Smartphone or Tablet and combine them. The seating and recliners is called “Lift-Bit” and is the first sofa in the Internet of things.

The concept: Hexagonal, padded up stools can be together or put side by side freely and individually adjustable in height. One or more chairs, a chaise lounge, one bed be so depending on the number and height of the modules from the sofa or something like a modern dormitory.

This Sofa is Transformed with App
An app offers different design options. Each stool is adjustable in height but is €800 per piece. Photo: Lift-bit

Each stool is a linear actuator. He could double the seat height within a few seconds, or cut in half, as the manufacturer promises. The seat height can be infinitely adjusted between 48 cm and 78 cm. The modules that are connected to a network can be controlled via app: user with the app can select preset three-dimensional figures or for their own creations using an included tool.

The seat height of the stool can be set but also as if by magic: the user simply moves his hand in the air above the seat upwards or below, a sensor in the stool detects the motion and adjusts the height.

Boring sofa moves alone

Future owners of the smart sofas never should do only one thing: it let a long time alone. Then the piece begins to move against boredom even, promises or threatens the manufacturer.

The prototype of the designer piece is currently exhibited at the XXI Triennale of Milan, an international exhibition for modern use, industrial design and modern architecture. You can also order the stool. The piece will cost €799 and is available in the colors Blue, mint, red or yellow.