Best way to move in the city: 32 km/h Snikkybike

With an electric scooter you can pass all city quickly and with style. A new model, the SnikkyBike on Kickstarter is seeking the Crowdfunding. We strongly suggest supporters and investors.

The SnikkyBike is made for the city. Because it is very maneuverable. On tight curves or in road  one has a good overview and is not so quickly to be overlooked by other road users, because you drive while standing. This vehicle is a mix of scooter and thumb gas on the height-adjustable handlebar and is easy to use. But be careful: it is not for children.

And if there is a trip into the countryside to: with the pneumatic tires it is behaving well on bumpy roads away from the asphalt. The electric scooter folds to easily fit into buses and trains. The kicks can be folded away.

With top speed 32 km/h and simple design SnikkyBike is most desired scooter on the world.

The front wheel of the electric scooter is quite large, 28 inches gives good comfort and performance. The rear wheel has 16 inch. Powerful “electric motor” truly moves you around. You can travel up to 40 kilometers with the packed 36-Volt lithium-ion battery. The battery is locked in the crotch of the stable frame and is easily pulled out to recharge. The charging time is two hours. Then you can Jet off again with up to 32 km/h over on lines of honking cars.

Safe brakes was made by “Fürs”, there are two independent braking systems, which work in synchronized way of each other: a standard brake on the front wheel and a regenerative brake. The latter brings the braking energy to the part again the battery back, so that expands the reach of the scooter.

And it’s all in there in the SnikkyBike… Photo: SnikkyBike

SnikkyBike electric scooter can be purged for under 1000 Euro where crowdfunding supporters got further discount.

For two years, product designer from Montreal, have worked on this timeless-looking vehicle. The developers look to Kickstarter Crowdfunding platform for supporters. The campaign runs until the June of end of. The financing target is 100,000 Canadian dollars (about 68.508 euros).

Nearly half of the money could be collected already. Who supports the project on Kickstarter, can secure a model for equivalent of 940 euros. Later, it will cost a little more. Nevertheless you will save this money on fuel really quick.

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