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Smarttress: This Mattress Detect Cheating, beware…

A smart mattress, which registered a fling and reveals the partner via Smartphone app? The manufacturer of Durham met in Spain want to do this supposedly possible with his mattress of Smarttress. Or is it all just a brilliant publicity stunt?

A business trip can be long. And while the coffee brake in the airport terminal or in the evening at the secluded beer from the minibar, the question comes over the one or the other Traveler: what does my partner at home? Tango he maybe just extramarital mattress? Nagging questions, on which the Spanish company of average Mead offers a high-tech answer: Smarttress, a mattress, which detects cheating.

Smarttress detects unusual movements. Using Ultrasonic sensors knows whats going on…

Like Smarttress comes the unfaithful partner’s tricks? With Ultrasonic sensors, which are integrated into the mattress and jarring exercise. An app that is installed on the Smartphone of the absent partner, then calculates body weight and vibration frequency and intensity and raises the alarm at cheating.

Supposedly major met has the mattress thanks to laboratory tests under real-world conditions can program that she may differ, for example, children playing from a pair to alehouse.

Is the mattress just a PR stunt?

No wonder that’s around the world hailed hundreds of reports in the past 48 hours. In this respect, the mattress is already a great success for this previously little-known company. However, there are first doubt that Smarttress is actually a product. The mirror thinks particularly en a PR stunt.

Mattress Detect Cheating
Construction of the Smarttress: Ultrasonic sensors are integrated, send the data to an app. She then automatically suggests alarm during lovemaking. Photo: Durmet

Why? Because major met, a mattress manufacturer with only ten employees, works together with grey, an international PR large agency, who otherwise works for multi-billion dollar companies such as Gillette, Volvo, and Vodafone. She is responsible for the promotional video, occur in the conspicuously often promotional statements about the Ashley Madison affair portal.

Grey asserts on demand of the mirror. Everything is real and really give it to the product. Also major Golem said of the online magazine on request that Smarttress was a real product.

Double mattress with sensors costs €1500

Now well. We were of the opinion to deny you not this successful PR campaign. Because she shows Yes, how to do great attention with unusual ideas. But back to the product. What should cost the sensor mattress? For a single mattress a suspicious partner must spend €500 for the double version with spring €1500.