Smartphones with military security standards for VIP

Smartphones based on inaccessible technologies for civilian industry is headed to executives and large organizations. The device will go on sale in May and is expected to cost up to $20k.
The Smartphone is based on technology that about 2-3 years ahead of the products available today. Representatives of start-up Sirin Labs, who designed the device, boast, that also ensures safety standards-data storage and communication that have been used so far only by the military.

Smartphones with military security standards for VIP

The phone is supposed to work under the supervision of the Android operating system. Moshe Hogeg, head of the company, provided that the price of the unit should not exceed 20,000 dollars. Specifies that clients will be the ones who in their daily work to expect the highest standards of safety and reliability. Business leaders in the USA and Europe will be, according to Hoega ready for such expenditure, because the financial loss associated with a potential leakage of confidential data.

Far exceed the price of the phone is no issue compare to comfort.

Start-up Sirin Labs reported that has gathered so far 72 million dollars from private investors. The device will be on the market in may, and the company’s first store will open in London. The main investor start-up is VC Fund Singulariteam, whose shareholders are Moshe Hogeg, Kazakh investor Kenges Rakishev and Chinese social media portal Renren. The idea to develop this type of device was born after the Smartphone Rakisheva was successfully hacked in 2013.

Sirin Labs

There were solutions, which combine a high degree of technological advancement with the maximum level of security. Rakishev saw various demonstrations and prototypes for closed conferences and trade fairs, but not long-range efforts on market availability of specific products.

The head of Sirin Labs evaluates the value of the luxury market of smartphones at approximately 1.1 billion dollars. In this segment, but dominating typical smartphones with attached along the precious stones or made based on noble micro.