The Smartphone is the parking Assistant

Retrofitting of electronic parking Assistant must cost a Fortune: with a few handles the license plate holder to the sensor and the Smartphone is to the display. The start-up “FenSens” makes it possible.

Yes, they still exist: cars without parking sensor. And people who will not need to turn down the music when manoeuvring, because anyway nothing beeps. However, not only the travelling, but also the upcoming traffic compressed increasingly, talk: especially in cities, parking spaces are rare and close. For all those who now miss the electronic banks-man, there is now a solution: the retrofitting parking sensor “FenSens”. He is simple, relatively inexpensive and seems can be done. The catch: He is now intended only for the United States.

Sensor is located in the license plate holder

It’s not that American spaces would be different than European, but simply to the parking sensor for retrofitting in the license plate holder is attached and the manufacturer also hot end “FenSens”, a start-up based in Seattle, only with US mass offers. A European version was planned but, it says.

The distance license plate holder is equipped with Ultrasonic sensors, which detect obstacles within a radius of about 30 centimeters to three meters. These distances are sent via Bluetooth to your Smartphone of driver automatically opens the right app on the or in the case of iOS displays a corresponding push message with which the user can directly start. A graphic with the intervals on the display appears as fixed systems, also the system draws attention also acoustically on smaller distances.

Five minutes for the installation

To install no auto mechanic takes times according to FenSens to be – there is no cable, and in the on-board electronics of the vehicle is also not intervened. The retrofit parking sensor is simply screwed, downloaded the Android or iOS app, and the Bluetooth signal of the two devices connected to each other: in barely five minutes it was done it says.

Smartphone Assistant
As with fixed systems, a graphic with the intervals on the display appears on the Smartphone, also the FenSens system draws attention also acoustically on smaller distances. Photo: FenSens

So long finger not similar to easily have it, the license plate holder with safety screws is provided, which can be solved only with a special screwdriver there are of course the. Drivers of high-quality wheels, which are secured in the same way against theft know this system.

The battery lasts for about five months

Of course, there are some “IFS” in the matter. The sensor works only with cars that measure no more than about nine meters: Bluetooth driver and thus the Smartphone gone too far, loses the connection. The sensor can measure only in all directions, if the indicator is not too deeply embedded in the body, and he captures just all obstacles if he is up to 1.2 m above the ground.

Woman parking the car. Photo: ShowImage

In addition, the license plate holder with a twist of course needs energy: he gets that from a built-in battery. If this is empty after about five months, the Pocket beeper stops until the owner has recharged the battery. It lasts two hours – in the meantime you should not Park a better by ear.

FenSens system offer Quick pay less

Last but not least due to the simple installation and the renunciation of an extra display is relatively inexpensive to have the FenSens system: for quick ordering it before publication, it costs $99, so around 88 euros. Later, FenSens will cost 149 dollars (133 euros).

In Germany, Bosch is working on a backup wizard, which is to save the life of pedestrians. The computer calculates an alternative route at risk of collision at lightning speed and supports the maneuvers of the driver.