Smartphone from Denmark Designed for One Thumb

A Dane offers a smart phone that is designed for adventurous customers. Unless it offers the revolutionary operation middle class technology, but also two Extras: it can be operated with two SIM cards and receive Russian navigation signals.

Finland largest mobile phone manufacturer collapsed a few years ago, Nokia. Microsoft has taken over Nokia. Now comes as a smartphone from Scandinavia. This time we have Denmark on the fork. But while Nokia once thought in the umpteen million scale of piece involves the Danish newcomer with first 1000 copies, offered to German buyers. Adventurous users can order the device called ID1 for €399 in the on-line shop.

Wipe is only in the lower part of the screen

In April, will be delivered, promises Christina Agger, the head of the Copenhagen developer company ID2ME. Then, the buyer must first practice. Because the operation of the device works very differently than for popular smartphones. To operate, you need both hands because of the size of the display. Only the thumb of the hand holding the device, must be active when the ID1 starts. A wiper conjures up left or right circular scale icons of apps that the user can name according to the respective content, as ‘Favorites’ for the most important phone numbers or “Cards” for hikers on the upper part of the screen.

Vibration confirm the selection

Within a wheel which offers twelve icons place, the just needed app by a movement of the thumb you can select up or down. The Smartphone acknowledged each new selection with a short vibration. So who knows, three times to the right and three times to the top “WhatsApp” located in wheel three three o’clock wipes. While he is one of the vibration, can reach its goal so blind. The app opens when the thumb stands out. But then it goes on conventionally because the apps to the new operating concept are adapted.

Smartphone from Denmark Designed for One Thumb
Smartphone from Denmark Designed for One Thumb

Never mind, Agger says to himself. She wants to conquer only a tiny niche in which most young users, the time something else want to have more and more common similar smartphones themselves than that. It is therefore the number of devices that are sold in Germany limited to 1000 units initially.

Middle class has two comfortable exceptions

Apart from the operation technology there is precisely that which is also in other middle class smartphones, with two exceptions: the device can be equipped with two SIM cards, so that users with different phone numbers can work for private and official talks. While most equipment of the big manufacturers with a receiver for the navigation system GPS are equipped, ID1 receives the signals of the Russian GLONASS satellite network. That could increase the accuracy of navigation.

The memory has over two gigabytes. Internally are 16 gigabytes of storage available. Agger Android chose as the operating system. The main camera has a 13 megapixel resolution, the Selfie camera that will be used in the future to pay five Megapixels. The eight core comes from the Taiwanese manufacturer Mediatek. The battery, which is firmly installed has capacity 2500 mAh.