Smart Rolling Bag Cowa Follows its Owner

Wheeled bags belong just to the airport, hardly a flight traveler drags still other pieces of luggage through the Terminal. Because wheeled bags are convenient, easy to use and go through the airlines as carry-on baggage. Now, a company based in Shanghai has presented a rolling suitcase, autonomously following its owner.

The image of the passenger who pulls a wheelie bag on hand behind him in the throng of the Terminal, will soon belong to the analog past. At the consumer trade show CES Asia, which now comes to an end in Shanghai in China, has Cowa robot introduced a rolling suitcase, autonomously following its owner. In June the Chinese manufacturer from Shanghai for these robot roles case plans kick start a financing campaign on the Crowdfunding platform. September 2016, the Cowa robot should be available for public.

Integrated obstacle recognition and collision avoidance

So the robot rolling suitcase is not other passengers Cowa has built two obstacle detection and collision avoidance systems in the obedient luggage. If the robot rolling suitcase falls back to more than 1.5 m after its owner, so he or she gets posted a warning on its Smartphone app automatically.

Smart bag Cowa follows its owner
The Cowa robot goes through as hand luggage. Photo: Cowa robot

This warning system on the basis of 3G SIM and has a range of 50 m. Within this RADIUS, it creates the rolling suitcase to find its owner. The Smartphone app displays the weight of the case and informed about the battery charge status.

Cowa Robot will follow you 20 km on one charge

In addition, the app stores the route taken by the case. So the owner later can have fun, where his robot wheelie bag anywhere is wrong around, to be its owner quickly again very close. The robot rolling suitcase is powered by an electric motor powered by a detachable 100Wh battery with energy.

The battery unit has a USB port, through which the owner can reload his Smartphone or his portable music player. With this battery creates the rolling suitcase, a distance of 20 km. As the businessman can be sure to reach his departure gate, without which the Cowa robot doesn’t go limp in the bustle of the airport terminal.

To the safety of a normal handrail

The robot rolling case is equipped with a total of six wheels. Two of them serve the automatic operation. The other four are important for the stabilization and for the case that the owner pulls his rolling suitcase behind him, as the other travelers also. Since then the Cowa rolling robot not upright but tilted. For these cases the autonomous wheeled bags therefore also has a handle, as known from the still usual analog rolling suitcases.

Cowa Robot has as little as 4.5 kilos

No one must therefore fear having to wear the Cowa robot without power on hands. That’s a good thing, because the obedient wheeled bags is certainly no lightweight. It is made of aluminium and weighs 4.5 kg. Thus, he goes through with a load of 3.5 kg in a suitcase on a flight with Germanwings or Lufthansa as a carry-on, must therefore be included in the passenger area of the machine.

Smart bag Cowa
Will be to have different trend colors, the Cowa Robot rolling suitcase. Photo: Cowa Robot

Exactly so, namely as hand luggage, the robot rolling suitcase is promoted robot also Cowa. Its dimensions are 55 x 38 x 22 cm just below the maximum dimensions that define these two airlines for carry-on baggage.

There are the first 100 autonomous wheeled bags robots originally and according to the homepage for $399, then it price rise to costs $650.

Also the electric suitcase space case 1 simplifies the holiday trip. It is equipped with Bluetooth, GPS Tracker, fingerprint sensor and battery to the charging of smartphones.

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