Peggy: Smart clothespin before rain get it.

Men will love it, girls will want it. Peggy from Australia looks good, but more importantly: the household fairy godmother in the form of a Clothespin is intelligent. If it rains, Peggy on the phone will alarm you.

Peggy, that’s a smart Clothespin by OMO. For the younger readers: In the 1960s, when the first washing machines were in households and the laundry SOAP to make way for the washing powder, he was OMO detergent manufacturer in Germany keeps a part of the activities in the laundry room on everyone’s lips and firmer. That was long ago and OMO now arrived on the other side of the globe. In Australia, OMO has now unveiled the gadget called Peggy. What can do this Clothespin?

smart clothespin
This is Peggy, the smart Clothespin by OMO. It is equipped with sensors and can predict in connection with an app when the laundry hanging on the Clothesline is completely dry. Photo: Omo

Proposals for the optimum drying, not too much for iron, not too little for wet.

Well, the clip is equipped with various sensors and to use at the same time as thermometers, UV sensor and moisture meter. Will the laundry hung up outside in the garden, calculated Peggy based on this data, how long it will take until the laundry is dried completely.

For this, Peggy must be connected to the corresponding app. About the software, she also warns if rain is expected. Peggy’s special service: same time proposes a new optimal date for the clothes to dry.

Time for the family

Finally so, uncertainty is over whether the laundry is really dry until the evening. Double up and slopes will be spared the Hausmann and the housewife. Time management can be optimized. The five minutes that are lost when a downpour for hanging out the laundry. It can be used much more useful in the game with the kids or watching the rain.

OMO anyway, wants to facilitate everyday people. Whether the smart clothes peg to is good or is rather just a marketing gimmick? After all, the gimmick that could motivate to refrain from the use of the tumble dryer. With Australian researchers also thought have been made, how you can wash clothes fast without water.