Smart bracelet measures individual CO2 emissions

Smart bracelet to inform his carrier in future about their individual carbon footprint in everyday life. And motivate to minimize these.The wearable WorldBeing of British designer Benjamin Hubert measures the carbon footprint of the wearer in everyday situations. It shows the CO2 emission of the products purchased by him and the consumed food on the Smartphone.

The World Being carrier will be informed also on the carbon balance of use means of transport in everyday life. The CO2 emission by energy consumption in your own four walls also sends the smart bracelet to your Smartphone. Its CO2 balance is dealt with in real time the vehicle using Visual signals and the associated Smartphone app.

Because it comes to motivation to ecologically correct behaviour, the Smartphone app associated with the bracelet is equipped with a reward system for low carbon dioxide emissions. About discounts in selected shops are intended, if certain CO2 thresholds are exceeded.

The world's first CO 2 label, which indicates the so-called carbon footprint of a product, was developed in 2006 in the UK by the Carbon Trust. For the bracelet World Being Carbon Trust has developed a carbon calculator. The collected information is transferred onto smartphone.

“Use the design as a tool”

Presented Festival has his World Being bracelet end of September at the London design Benjamin Hubert by the London design agency layer by 2015. He is convinced that “yet there was never a better time than now, to use design as tool that inspires to meaningful discussions”.

Global responsibility initiative for climate protection

Hubert sees the smart bracelet as a starting point of a global responsibility initiative for climate protection. Behind it is the idea that the information about the individual carbon footprint persuades men to keep their personal be haviorin everyday life as carbon neutral.

For information about carbon-dioxide emissions Hubert works trust with the carbon based in London, which has these values and a corresponding carbon dioxide calculator designed for the bracelet.

Future as a “Local accountability”

Hubert sees the future as a “Local accountability” and firmly believes that the informed person reduces his carbon footprint. The winners of the bracelet can display their daily progress via the Smartphone app. A cloud grows and changes color from blue to red when the daily reduction target within reach. “You can hide not, how you live your life and are responsible as you”, he warns.

Motivation by comparison

Hubert uses also the deeply human need of comparison for the reduction of the ecological footprint. So how raise the smart wristbands at the Guild of sports by comparison with like minded to even greater number of steps, the WorldBeing is to inspire his vehicles to compare their personal carbon footprint and optimize.