Slovenian Government sign contract with Hyperloop (Bratislava-Vienna)

Hyperloop will be sort of a hybrid for land and air transport . Train inside the vacuum tube  with speed excessing 1200 km/h, the small one-man show modules. In the future is to connect cities, which lie too close to air travel, but at the same time too far away to comfortably travel between them. For example, the most commonly administered to San Francisco and Los Angeles, but ready Hyperloop has spread throughout the world.

The idea was born in the head of Elona, President of and founder of Musk. SpaceX and Tesla. It is no wonder that very quickly an attempt. Currently construction of the first section of the test, and few teams are involved in technology development, start-up from Los Angeles named Hyperloop Transport Technologies (HTT). Its President Dirk Alhborn has no intention to sit in the comfort of your Office and wait until his colleagues make a technological upheaval. Instead, traveling the world and to the new system of transport tries to convince Governments of the subsequent States.


The Verge is reporting that successfully ended his visit to Slovakia, the Government signed an agreement with the HTT on the construction of the segment, Hyperloop connects Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Soon it was estimated that travel between the two capitals first at full speed would last for no more than 8 minutes.

Alhborn was of course delighted to approach our neighbor to the South described unification as a leader in technology. Not less optimistically expressed to the minister of economy of Slovakia-Vazil Hudák. His job Hyperloop “newly defines the concept of travel and increase cross-border cooperation in Europe”.