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Slide your Plane to Make Nice and Stylish Gazebo

Are this extravagant garden sheds an ornament for each park-like grounds or perhaps something for your garden? A British company cuts the trunk of discarded Boeing and Airbus’ and makes this luxurious summer houses and one-room cabins.

The stylish gazebo with glass front is really made of an aircraft fuselage. On its form, on the small, preserved cabin Windows in the side walls and the exterior painting of the Airbus A320 from the fleet of the Turkish airline Atlas Jet, which is AtlasGlobal for 2013, is still good.

Also very beautiful: An Aeropod, a gazebo from an aircraft fuselage, for the common views of the swimming pool. Photo: DappR Aviation

The first piece of the passenger cabin of aircraft along with rows of seats to bury of St Edmunds in the English County of Suffolk had been delivered a year ago. There the Up-cycling company DappR aviation designer furniture and home accessories from aircraft scrap designs.

Finally even the ultimate is “man cave” suggests in the English speaking a name for the place to work for the man who wants to be bothered. So or so the huts can be with electricity and water connection equip and equip even with underfloor heating. The price is negotiated but also individually.

Design from aircraft parts

The recycling of discarded aircraft is a giant topic. As already reported every fifth airliner Park in the desert will be sent. Disused machines also serve as spares. What remains for scrap, must be disassembled according to types of metal and recycled.

DappR Aviation Gazebo
Photo: DappR Aviation Gazebo

The company DappR Aviation makes new products. Instead of aircraft parts that remain after the battles of and otherwise would be scrapped. Thus described his business as Up-cycling. In addition: There are other people, the very unusual garden pergolas design. For example a Swedish architect, the garden houses made of paper manufactures.