Sleeping with the bomb, cell phones in bed are not a good idea.

This is not a joke: New York Police warns on Twitter with impressive images of the danger, that mobile phones brings under the pillow.  Overheat, reeds or even explode. The urgent recommendation: Do not charge smartphones in the bed. There were already enough similar accidents also with dead as result!.A formerly chic white Samsung Smartphone looks pretty charred. In addition, you can see a pillow with a thick fire hole. These photos that police presented in New Yorkers using Twitter are an urgent warning:

Dear reader, do not take your cell phone into the bed, certainly not during the charging process and do not put it directly under your pillow!

What can happen is clear: the battery overheat, stretches and can melt the whole device. Can explode (see photo) and can cause serious injury. At least two people died in the past few years when cell phone exploded in the pocket.

Warning: New York police on Twitter. Photo: NYPD/Twitter
Warning: New York police on Twitter. Photo: NYPD/Twitter

And why is the phone in bed so dangerous? Who still quickly checks out the news before going to sleep or sends a good night news of loved ones (I do), then sets the Smartphone directly beside the bed. If the device is still charging, the battery may heat up.

Mobile explosion in your Pocket

Many batteries are extremely sensitive and can be damage at temperatures around 40°C . Therefore, for example, charging a tablet on a thick carpet, impeding the heat dissipation, is already worrying. Sometimes just cheap replicas of batteries can cause accidents to happen (according to mobile phone manufacturers). The original parts could also overheat and expand.

But also a simmering fire under the pillow can be more than unpleasant. New Yorkers describe officials although no specific case, but there was already a dozen reports. Nearly three years ago a young Swiss woman described the explosion of your phone in the pocket. She retired to this significant Burns of thigh after their own representation. The cell phone manufacturers talked about a possible exception error.

Danger on the plane

The lithium-ion batteries usually used in smartphones are already in the talk, because of a fire danger posed by them. Therefore the use of mobile phones at petrol stations is still prohibited, although already the battery from the appliance should fall and strike Sparks, to trigger a fire, causing accidents. So far we don not know about gas station explosions or mobile initiated plane fire, but as you may guess it won’t come as surprise.

cell phones in bed are not good idea-1
After problems with the lithium-ion batteries, Boeing has now found a technical solution, and has completed the first test flight with the long-haul Dreamliners.

There are, after all, also technology, which prevents overheating of the battery now. Turn off the charge process when the battery is too hot. Caution is also the mother of aviation safety, and therefore also no such batteries may be transported from April more in the cargo hold of passenger aircraft, as the competent United Nations Organization recently ruled.

Boeing had already massive problems with lithium-ion batteries that are installed in the machine. From time to time the machines were allowed to fly because there was a risk that the batteries caught fire.