Skeleton from Mexico had stones in teeth and elongated skull

Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered near the ruins of Teotihuacan skeleton woman from high society, in which the teeth were decorated with minerals. Age found the debris is estimated to be about 1600 years ago.

At the time of death, a woman was about 35 to 40 years, according to the National Institute of anthropology and History in the Tomb were also found pots. Skull of the deceased had an elongated shape. Usually with such deformation found only in the southern part of meso-america, but never in the Middle, where archaeologist worked.

 National Institute of anthropology mexico skull
Photo: phys.org

Distorted these remains human, found in Teotihuacan, was given the name “female Tlaylotlakana” (the term comes from the area where the teeth). A distinctive feature of the discovered residue is the presence of two round piryts, mounted in the upper maxillary Centrals. This may mean that the woman was “alien” in Teotihuacan. Similar techniques were used, the Maya in areas in southern Mexico and Central America. Experts have found the woman dentures lower teeth, which were made from green serpents.