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Sion: A Self-Charging Electric Car for 12k Euro

A Munich based start-up has developed a vehicle, that over and over is covered with solar cells. You collect power for up to 30 kilometres per day. There’s only one catch: the batteries must be paid extra. The founder does not reveal how much they cost.

Three young Munich develop a revolutionary looking electric car. Over and over, it is covered with Mono-crystalline solar cells that are covered against weathering and damage to a 8 mm-thick layer of transparent polycarbonate. The excellence of these cells, which have a total area of 7.5 m2, is approximately 1,1 kW. That should do for a high-speed rail line 30 km daily, Laurin say Hahn, Navina Pernsteiner and Jona Christians the founder of the company sono engine that developed the vehicle.

Solar cells on the electric car Sion

The catch: The thing works only if the engine power kW discreetly used by 50 and the batteries before for at least four hours were charged in blazing sun. The six coming on a top speed of 140 km/h.

Crowdfunding bring 150,000 euro

Two models are planned: “Extender” with a 30 kW battery and “Urban” with 14.4 kW. The vehicles will cost between 16,000 and 17.600 respectively between 12,000 and 13,200 euros. There are also the leasing cost of the battery, or the purchase price. The developers mention about these additional costs. “Please have understanding that we can make still no exact figures at such an early stage. The steadily falling battery prices will evolve for the benefit of your final price but only”, they insist on their homepage.

Sono Motors
Sono engine promises an everyday electric car at a good price with the Sion. Photo: Sono motor

Sono needs to build the first prototype engine 150,000 euros. She tried to get the company just over the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. 268 supporters have stepped forward so far 21,900 euro. A pre-order is not doing, although lure Munich at a hefty discount for the first vehicle. However they need not give up hope, to achieve its goal. The campaign is running a month long. But enough money then just for a few prototypes. “Much more money required”, as the young entrepreneur was to build a series production.

Reindeer Lichen cleans the air

Have let some things come up, to differ from other manufacturers. So there’s a natural filter that cleans the air in the Interior.

It consists of constantly growing real reindeer Lichen (Cladonia rangiferina), sometimes also called Icelandic Moss. It supplied water from the air that passes through, so must not be maintained.

The most economical electric car in the world has the TU Munich built: it is driven gasoline 10.957,02 km on a test track by Audi with the energy of a 4 l would theoretically suffice to drive once around the Earth.