Siemens increased power windmills design upto 8 MW

Siemens is in the running for the most powerful wind turbine in the world: only a few days after Adwen had reported the construction of an 8-MW plant in Bremerhaven, now Siemens announces a wind power plant has capacity of 8 MW. 

That leaves the former world record holder Siemens. A few days after Adwen in Bremerhaven of the public had reported an 8-MW facility about tests for the electro-mechanical components, the Munich-based supplying technology group.

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Mounting a 75 long Siemens rotor blade in the test system in the Danish Østerild: Siemens has further developed its 7-MW wind turbines and now upgraded to 8 MW of power. Photo: Siemens

Until end of this year, the prototype of a wind generator be also 8 MW to be built up in the Danish wind test site Østerild in northeastern of Denmark, the company announced.

There are similar conditions such as on high seas, this is the latest addition to the Siemens wind turbines also thought. He is generating more electricity than the 7-MW plant, which developed by Siemens and is also tested in Denmark around ten percent.

The 7-MW wind turbines used 120 km off the British coast in the largest wind park in the world, the companies Dong energy 2020 plans to open. The wind farm could supply one million households.

154 metre rotor diameter will range

While Adwen, a joint venture of Arewa, Gamesa, has chosen French specialists in nuclear power plants, and the Spanish wind generator manufacturer which in its 8-MW plant for a redesign has Siemens his previous record holder SWT-7.0-154, which makes 7 MW, further upgraded. The rotor diameter is equal with 154 m. There is above, still air after if you look at the construction of Adwen, which brings it to a diameter of 180 metres.

Permanent magnets are the key

The performance succeeds Siemens with a number of detail improvements. More powerful magnets in the Builder are the most important. The most important components such as the 75-metre long rotor blades and the medium voltage transformers in the new turbine type SWT-8.0-154 unchanged.

It affects positively the electricity production costs, because existing supply chains are preserved. “We work with full dedication to lower electricity generation costs” promises Michael Hannibal, CEO offshore Siemens wind power and renewables Division. “The performance of our directly driven offshore plants connects this target with highest reliability.”

7 MW wind power plant
Currently, Siemens tests its offshore 7 MW wind power plant of SWT-7.0-154 in the Danish Østerild. 2017, the plant in series to go. A year later followed by an improved version with the same rotor dimensions, but increased capacity of 8 MW. Photo: Siemens

He concludes that that most components have proven themselves already and does not need to be constructed.

Transporting 8 MW Siemens Unit. Photo: Siemens

The two 7 MW Mills, running for some time in the wind test field Østerild make him feel better. Their reliability will exceed the forecast. The larger 8-MW plant will be tested for the first time beginning 2017 and high sea breeze conditions, a up to ten per cent achieve higher annual yield as the 7-MW plant. The certification of the plant plans to Siemens for 2018. Thus, the Siemens plant comes at the same time with the Adwen system on the market.

Still no orders for Siemens

While Adwen already has contracts for 62 of the new Super windmill, Siemens will only start after the tests on the prototype with the acquisition.

Siemens is to molt to the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world. That is to succeed through a majority stake in Gamesa. Adwen is excluded, at least for the time being. In Bremerhaven, rumours go around that AREVA is the proportion of Gamesa to Adwen, then to sell the company.