Siemens APP to Pass on Green Light

Cycling in the city can be pretty annoying. Close, parked for cycling and especially red lights make the life difficult. The technology group Siemens has now discovered his heart for the affliction and for the Smartphone developed an App which provides a Green Wave. From this moment on, bikes don’t stop!

It is actually a very old hat, the so-called green wave: the first one was created 90 years ago in Berlin on Leipziger street. Carefully planned, ensuring a good flow of traffic, reduce unnecessary braking and Acceleration maneuvers and demonstrably contributes that produces less particulate and less nitrogen oxides are emitted. For the consecutive traffic lights must be configured in its green phase, that a road users at a given constant driving speed achieved all green.

Buses already use this technology

Siemens APP to Pass on Green Light

What works now for motorists nationwide about 75% of inner-city traffic lights, disadvantaged the generally slower cyclists, mostly red looking. The Munich-based technology company Siemens wants to take on now this fringe group, and has developed a Smartphone app called SiBike that extends the concept of the green wave for cyclists. “This technique is used by buses”, explains Project Manager Michael Katruna forest.

“It’s about automatically and in lightning speed”

The Smartphone with SiBike automatically contact about 60 meters before the traffic lights urban control. The cyclists must however allow the GPS location on his Smartphone, to activate green wave.

Because only the control recognizes its location and extended the green phase of traffic lights for the necessary seconds for the cyclist to pass. “It’s about automatically and in lightning speed” says Duskwood.

Cyclists must not dawdle

However, the cyclists must not dawdle, he must be rushing with 18 to 20 km/h through the streets. It is also clear that the green wave means a longer waiting time for motorists for the cyclists. These are but just a few seconds, because the green phase for the cyclist will be extended only once. “The cyclists will benefit more than experienced drivers to negative influences”, project manager Duskwood is very optimistic about all project. “we hope that more drivers will change for bikes”.

Pilot project in Bamberg

Now “SiBike” is tested thoroughly: in the student city of Bamberg, an important East West link with seven lights was now chosen for a pilot project. With its medieval streets, the city of 73,000 residents is well suited for the pilot project.