Shooting Net to Capture Annoying Drones

What to do when a drone threatens the public? Simply firing the cannon Skywall 100 from your suitcase and a projectile. Easy, effective and definitely not complicated. The British start-up OpenWorks Engineering has developed Skywall 100, a defense system, which can get the drones from the sky. It looks like a bazooka, 1.30 m in length and 10 kg in weight. The shooter’s shoulders and takes the flight in the visor, which calculates the exact retention issue. If he is right, a green dot appears in the display and the gunner fires the projectile with compressed air.

OpenWorks Engineering
OpenWorks Engineering

Just before the projectile reaches the drone, it blasts off a square NET and captures the drone. Then unfolds a parachute when the aircraft safely sailing to the ground. The shooter missed the target, he can reload according to manufacturer within about eight seconds he can use also projectiles that interrupt the connection between pilot and drone with interference signals.

Actually, suitable Skywall 100 drone defense?

But actually suited Skywall 100 to get undesirable flying objects from the sky in everyday life? It speaks that the drone remains largely intact after the shooting and no debris flying around, people meet could. However, talks, that the power Bazooka has only a range of 100 m, the most drones but much can fly higher.

OpenWorks Engineering
OpenWorks Engineering

Solve the problem to the manufacturer however with subsequent models. Skywall to allowing 200 and 300 higher ranges and even a remote-controlled firing. You can then no longer to shoulder, but need launch platforms. And the systems are as expensive? That still does not reveal OpenWorks engineering. Is also unclear when the guns on the market.

2013 crashed a drone before Angela Merkel

The drone defense systems demand is high. Because the unmanned flying objects to unwanted participants of public events are becoming more common. That can testify to Angela Merkel. 2013, a 40 cm large aircraft crashed during a CDU campaign event at the feet of the Chancellor.

The Pirate Party, which wanted to draw attention to the waste of tax money for the failed euro Hawk drone project was responsible. And in the United States managed a drone in January 2015 even on the grounds of the White House.

Boeing launches drones with a 2 KW laser beam

Many companies are trying to develop suitable defense systems. Batellle, a U.S. research company builds Drone Defender. This is a 5 kg white “pager” with two antennas that sit on each rifle with telescopic sight. By sending out electromagnetic interference signals to a distance of 400 m disabled or losing GPS data lead to drone, in the way that will automatically return tool to the pilots using “Back to Home” mode.