2,150 Exhibitors from 67 countries. Shipbuilding Fair SMM in Hamburg

Huge ships are not in the halls of the Hamburg-based shipbuilding fair SMM, but everything you need to build ships, to drive and to equip. Hybrid drives, improved screws, environmentally friendly power supply in the port, waste water treatment plants for cruise ships: Environmental, efficiency, and digitalization characterize the SMM.

Use CAD data for the homepage and repairs

Use CAD data for the homepage and repairs

Building a ship produces numerous digital 3D models in the computer. This is hardly possible but later can be used to make, for example, on mobile devices. “From this existing data an added value for the entire ship life cycle generate”, Professor Uwe von Lukas of the Fraunhofer IGD explains.

The 3D data of the ships offer a very good basis for the support of all servicing and maintenance tasks with the digital CAD plans. Also for the VR training programmes are a good basis. So far, however, they have the disadvantage of enormous size, which makes them usable only on powerful computers.

It is also difficult to keep the plans to the real ship.

The engineers of Fraunhofer IGD have now developed the instant3Dhub platform, which makes usable on a Tablet and Smartphone around the 3D data. Engineers, designers and partners can be accessed via a standard Web browser on the current 3D data of a vessel. “This we make a contribution to develop the approach of the industry 4.0 for the maritime industry”, said Prof. by Lukas.

The world’s most important shipbuilding show expects about 50,000 international visitors in the next few days.

More than 2,150 exhibitors from 67 countries make their innovations from September 6 to 9 before.

High-performance, yet environmentally marine engines, improved navigation technology, autonomous control systems for ships, innovations in the field of land power, and intelligent systems for water treatment are presented at the fair, which begins on Tuesday.

Air Horns for Ships
That is also part of the SMM: Air Horns for Ships. Photo: SMM

For the first time, a Hall is the subject of “green propulsion” reserved. New drive technologies in particular with liquefied gas (LNG) as ship fuel are presented here in Hall A5. MTU presented its first gas engine for ships port energy, hybrid presents a LNG-based mini power plant, which supplied power for example cruise ships to reduce the consumption of conventional fuels such as fuel oil.

water treatment RWO
Photo: RWO

Biological wastewater treatment plant for cruise ships. The Bremen specialist for water treatment RWO shows a biological sewage treatment plant for cruise ships. The system is particularly space-saving and should be easy to use. “The CleanSewage waste water treatment plant bio saves compared with other systems through a unique one-sided access to 25 percent place”, explains Dr. Christian from fields, Managing Director of RWO. “Moreover, she needed a much lower maintenance and allows then a faster reboot.” At the same time, RWO at SMM shows a sea water desalination plant with new membranes. The system works without chemicals and with filtering technology.

For smaller vessels, there is also a smaller facility with a capacity of up to 60 m3/day.

Laptops for use on the high seas

You need to can deal with salty air, with shocks, high humidity, rough handling, and also with a fall: laptops and tablets, which are used on the high seas and in the port. Panasonic introduces improved and highly protected mobile computer at SMM, moisture, rain, dirt, crashes and vibration don’t mind which. They have extra long battery runtimes, sunlight suitable for outdoor display and can be operated partly even with gloves. In addition, the extremely precise GPS devices are equipped.

Photo: Panasonic

The security officers of a vessel can also access a tool, which shows all relevant information for the protection of the vessel. This includes the automated monitoring of the ship borders inside (man overboard) and outside (piracy). At the SMM, Panasonic unveils the Toughbook CF_20 with 10.1 “front touch screen. The device has a detachable keyboard. This allows both as laptop at work and as a tablet on the way on deck.

Fraunhofer: System discovered pesky vibration causes

Noise-generating vibrations ship builders in the construction phase on the trail can get the causes. The Fraunhofer Institute has designed a software for durability and system reliability, which enables the best possible noise reduction when designing and constructing a vessel.

System discovered pesky vibration causes
Photo: Fraunhofer LBF

The forecast tool should help to make efficient and safe predictions about the acoustic properties of a new ship building in every stage of the development process. And this is important for ships, which are mostly unique pieces. The opportunity to refine their plans on the basis of prototypes is mostly absent designers and shipbuilders. In addition, the development cycles are relatively short.

Most successful MTU engine is 20 years old (Rolls-Royce)

Rolls-Royce Series 4000 for the IMO III emission regulations and EPA tier 4 shows the advanced diesel engines. The engines have successfully completed more than 4,000 hours on the MTU test benches in Friedrichshafen and Aiken in the United States.

Most successful MTU engine is 20 years
Photo: Rolls-Royce

Since the engines of MTU Series 4000 on the market 20 years ago, 37,000 engines have been sold worldwide. They are the most successful engines at all. They serve as the main drive for towing ships, ferries, supply vessels, trawler yachts and Government ships. They are used also to the energy supply on ships and platforms.

Rolls-Royce presents its first gas engine

Rolls-Royce presents its first MTU gas engine for ships. He survived the already 3,000 hours run time on the bench and come on the market in 2018. “His performance and his acceleration correspond to the outstanding properties of a diesel engine, it is economical, reliable and clean,” said before the fair Dr. Ulrich Dohle, Chairman of the Board of Rolls-Royce power systems.

MTU gas engine for ships
Photo: Rolls-Royce

Even before the series start the end of 2017 gas engines will drive a tractor built by ladies of shipyards operated by Svitzer. It will be the first tractor with high-speed gas engines worldwide.