Sensational Discovery: Comet with Oxigen!

Sensational discovery in space: the gas cloud around the Comet Tan contains billions of years old oxygen molecules. Scientists have shown that with measurements of the space probe Rosetta. The findings new mix the cards looking for extraterrestrial life.

Researchers of the University of Berne took the gas cloud of comet 67 p/Churyumov Gerassimenki with a mass spectrometer of the Rosetta spacecraft under the magnifying glass. While they were amazed not bad. Because the gas cloud of comets, which currently crashing on the Sun, 3.8% consists of molecular oxygen (O2).

Sensational Discovery: Commet with Oxigen!

Sensational Discovery This commet has Oxigen_
Space Probe Rosetta with mass spectrometer on board with which researchers examine Tschuris gas cloud.

“This is the most surprising finding that so far we have succeeded at 67 p,” said researcher Kathrin Altwegg at a press conference. Why? Because he shows that oxygen molecules exist in the tail of a dead Comet and thus are no doubt free signature of life – an important discovery for researchers that scan Earth-like planets in the search for extraterrestrial life after traces of oxygen.

Oxygen molecules on othis comet are billions years old

The sensational discovery was completely unexpected. Because comets are 4.5-billion-year-old pristine from the early days of the solar system. And so far the researchers have assumed, that is chemically very reactive oxygen with hydrogen would need to connect. He was indeed abundant in the early solar system. Nevertheless, there are still oxygen molecules in the tail of the comet. “We had never thought that oxygen can survive billions of years without connecting to other substances,” says Abdul.

Sensational Discovery This commet has Oxigen
It is remarkable discovery. Recently we observer that not only water is common in our universe but also oxigen as well.

It is the first time that oxygen in the environment of a comet could prove. “Amazing for US what time so the observation that the ratio of water to oxygen is neither with the location of the Comet with the changed. It so a stable correlation between water and oxygen are”, so Abdul continue. In the British Journal Nature, the researchers publish their findings.

Understanding a puzzle of new models in formation of our solar system. This is Remarkable and Sensational Discovery: Commet with Oxigen!

And where are the oxygen molecules? According to researchers, the most likely explanation is that a large part of the Comet material is older than our solar system is and the oxygen which created before its formation.

Sensational Discovery This commet has Oxigen-
Clearly visible in 3D spectonometer jets of water and dust.

High-energy particles are taken on ice grains in the cold and dense birthplaces of stars, the so-called dark molecular clouds, and would’nt split water molecules. “This note on oxygen as at ancient material is probably throw some theoretical models on the formation of the solar system over the pile,” Abdul believes.

Oxygen atom (O) on Tan scientists have can prove by the way some time ago. They are constantly during the flight of the Comet when the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation splits evaporating water molecules.